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This Cat Loves This Supermarket So Much That He Comes Back every time He’s Kicked Out

There are very stubborn cats that want to do whatever their little heart desires regardless of the rules and regulations. The 6-year-old cat in this story named Olly Oliver from London is definitely one of them. The cat was first seen in November of last year while walking in the aisles in a Sainsbury in Brockley. He got kicked out by the security, but he just comes back again after this incident! Even though he is now very popular amongst the locals, the supermarket doesn’t really seem so eager to keep him as their mascot. According to a store spokesperson, the cat lives in the house next door but he spends the majority of his time in the supermarket. Even though he is loved dearly by the staff, he is not allowed in the supermarket due to health and safety concerns. We would still love to see more cat customers, to be perfectly honest!

You Won’t Believe How Adorable These Wild Cats Are

When it comes to wild cats, most people think of lions, tigers, and so on. But there actually are many other species that most people don’t really know much about. In this article, we are presenting you with the cutest wild cat species, caracal.

This Cat Has Eyebrows And She Looks Hilarious

This calico cat is named Lilly and she looks like she’s judging her owner all the time due to her funny-looking eyebrows.

15+ Cats That Are Still Kittens At Heart

Cats are always so cute, fluffy, and good at winning our hearts regardless of their size. Their size only becomes a ‘problem’ when it comes to certain things they want to do, such as fitting into tight spaces and so on. But sometimes cats forget about how much they grow up. They still feel like the kittens they once were. Here in this gallery, you will find 15+ examples of such cats that are completely unaware of their size. Enjoy!

These Cats Will Amaze You By Their Flexibility

We almost started to believe that cats are liquid since they have the ability to take the shape of any container they can fit their body in! Due to some weird and unknown reason, cats have a special fondness when it comes to tight spaces, so they are absolutely obsessed with boxes, jars, pots, and so on. In this gallery, we are going to give you 15+ photos of cats who managed to fit their bodies in very tight and normally uncomfortable places. We are sure some of them will shock you. Scroll down, and enjoy!

These Cute Photos Of Animals Will Make Your Day Better Today

According to some scientific studies, looking at funny and cute pictures can actually help with the stress and make us feel better in general. Also, they’re always nice to share with your family and friends since you know these types of photos will bring them joy too! So if you’re having a rough day and need a couple of minutes to relax, we suggest you take a look at our gallery below. We guarantee you that you are going to feel better when you reach the end!

This Rescued Cat Is So Happy That She Just Can’t Stop Smiling

When her future mom saw Rey the first time at the shelter, she instantly fell in love with the cute cat. Ever since she found a new family, Rey hasn’t stopped smiling even once!

The Colors Of This Cat Will Blow Your Mind

The gorgeous creature you’re going to see in this gallery is called a genetic chimera cat. They are rare natural occurrences where an individual is made up of cells from two or more different original eggs. They fuse together to create a single organism whose DNA is from two entirely different individuals. This cat named Quimera might also be a mosaic, which is really common in felines, and it occurs when only one individual egg just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. We still need DNA testing for a certain answer, though. Regardless, the cat is absolutely gorgeous!

The Photos Of These Cheeky Cats Will Make You Laugh Hard

We love cats, but sometimes they can be super annoying due to the troubles they cause us. They destroy rolls of toilet paper, steal food from the kitchen counter and they don’t even feel bad about any of this after all! But they’re so cute that it’s just impossible to stay mad at them, and we think they know that too! We compiled a gallery of cats who feel no remorse because of the things they’ve done. Even though your cat can also get you mad sometimes, we think you’ll find these photos hilarious. Check them out for yourself below!

This Abandoned Kitten Changed This Man’s Life

Josh wasn’t really so good with cats, and he wasn’t really thinking that there would be a time in his life where he just snuggles with a kitten.

This Cat Has A Hilarious Mustache And You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With It

We’ve all seen cats with very unique markings. In fact, each and every cat looks so marvelous with their unique color schemes, spots, and fluffy furs. This British Shorthair cat named Gringo, however, has that perfect cat mustache and it’s absolutely charming!

This Artist’s Works Show How The Daily Life Would Be If The Cats Were Giant

Have you ever imagined how it would be if we had Godzilla-sized cats walking around? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you’re not alone.