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These Photos Will Show You That Cats Actually Make Great Secret Agents

These cats are even better than James Bond!

These Cats Have Mastered The Art Of Photobombing And Their Photos Will Make You Laugh Hard

If you think you’re good at photobombing, you have a new opponent for yourself in the animal world! It seems like these cats just took it to a whole new level! They don’t care if you’re taking photos on a special day, or just trying to take a good selfie. They don’t feel bad in the slightest bit when it comes to ruining your photos. They just love being in front of the camera, and even though your photos may end up not looking the way you intended them to look, they’re still adding their own magical touch to them! So just scroll down and enjoy this gallery of cute cats shamelessly interrupting people’s photo moments.

Kitten And Man Becomes Best Friends After It Crawls Up To Him While Fishing

The man in this story was fishing by the lake one day when this adorable cat crawled up to him meowing for some cuddles. 

These Adorable Cats Recreate Their Old Photos And You Will Love The Results

People recreating their old photos from their childhood is a trend on social media. It seems like recently cats also jumped on the bandwagon! The cats in this list recreate their photos from when they were just tiny kittens and the results are truly melting our hearts! Scroll down and enjoy their photos, we guarantee you that you’re going to love them!

These Cats Who Have Never Heard The Term ‘Personal Space’ Are Absolutely Hilarious

Cats love attention. In fact, they try some very ridiculous ways just to get our attention and make us play with them. While it’s just adorable most of the time, sometimes they try...well, a bit too hard, to say the least. Here in this list, we are presenting you with 15+ examples of cats who try everything until they manage to get you to do whatever they want. Scroll down and enjoy!

Meet Gimo, The Cat With The Biggest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen

This little adorable fluffball looks so innocent with his giant eyes that it’s impossible for you to believe he is even capable of doing mischief! That look on his face just instantly melts your heart and you just feel that urge to squeeze him. 

These Cats Are So Stunning That They Are Going To Blow Your Mind

We love all cats as each of them is so fluffy and adorable, but there are some cats that are so unique that they manage to stand out. They are so beautiful that they can even think of modeling as a career! Here in this list, we put together 21 examples of the most beautiful cats around the world. Enjoy!

This Gallery Will Show You The Challenging Side Of Having A Cat and A Dog At The Same Time

Some people like cats more, some people like dogs more but there are also some of us that are torn between the two when it comes to choosing whose side they are on. Well, the people in this list belong to the last category. There’s not much you can do other than hoping for the best when you decide to have a dog and a cat at the same time. We all know the stereotype about the relationship between cats and dogs but with a little bit of introduction and a bit of luck, you may succeed in living together with relative harmony. In this list, you will find some examples of the challenges you might face when you live together with a cat and dog at the same time. Even though they have their differences, we know that they actually love each other deep inside their hearts.

Say Hi To Yana, The Gorgeous Two-Faced Kitty

Most people don’t like the term ‘two-faced’ and this is only natural when you think about the negative connotations of the word. But the word still perfectly describes this cat named Yana and you will better understand what we mean when you see her pictures. Yana is a chimeric cat with the most beautiful unique fur markings. This unique cat was first posted in a classified advert on a Belarussian website called Nasha Niva in July 2016. She was up for adoption and it didn’t really take her long to find a new owner!

How This Momma Cat Takes Care Of Her Kitten Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

A Twitter user named Merve Ozcan shared these photos of a momma cat on Twitter recently. In the photos, the cat can be seen bringing her sick kitten to one of Istanbul hospital’s emergency rooms. 

You Won’t Believe The Amazing Transformation Of This Kitten Who Once Was The Weakest Of The Litter

This adorable cat is Little Roo Russ. She was taken in by a shelter with her two kitten siblings in late April 2016, and apparently, there was something wrong with her. According to Marnie Russ, “She was way smaller compared to her siblings and the staff at the shelter noticed there was something wrong with the way she was walking.” They x-rayed the poor kitten, and they found out that she was born without elbow joints. Marnie, who specializes in caring for animals with specials needs, brought the poor kitten home and soon after, they managed to build a strong connection!

These Photos Will Show You That Cats Are Truly Annoying Sometimes (But We Still Love Them)

If you’re a cat owner, you know that your cat can be ‘too much’ sometimes. They cause quite trouble for you around the house and what’s worse is that they’re very unapologetic about their mischievous behaviors! It’s still hard to stay mad at these fluffballs that we absolutely adore. In this list, we gathered 15+ hilarious examples of cats that are complete jerks for your amusement. Scroll down and enjoy!