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If You Are A Cat Owner You Should Know About The Dangers Of Himalayan Salt Lamps For Your Pet

According to the vets, Himalayan salt lamps can actually be very dangerous for your cat, and if your Instagram aesthetic is all about cats, Himalayan salt lamps, and crystals, maybe it’s time to change that. A Himalayan salt lamp can be very tempting for your cat to lick and that can cause sodium poisoning which can end up being fatal for your cat.

Even Though Your Cat Acts Indifferent When You Say Its Name, It Actually Knows Its Name, Suggests Study

If you’re a dog owner, you already know how ecstatic your dog gets whenever you call it by its name. When it comes to cats, though, they are definitely way harder to read so most of the time we can’t even be sure if it knows its name! That’s why some researchers from Japan wanted to find an answer to this question. They were curious to know if a cat could understand its name and tell the difference between that specific name and any other word that sounds like it. There are fewer studies on cats compared to dogs. That can be because it’s harder to convince cats to participate in studies. The Japanese researchers, however, were determined to get the results they were looking for!

These Stunning Photos Of Maine Coons Will Totally Amaze You

Have you ever heard of a cat breed named Maine Coon before? If you enjoy big cats, but we mean REALLY big domestic cats, then we definitely recommend you to check them out! Maine Coons are absolutely majestic cats and they’re loved worldwide due to their unique features and massive size. 

According To This Study, Your Cat Mirrors Your Personality

If you think cats are just mean-spirited, and not nice at all, maybe you should actually blame their owners instead of them. According to a study that comes out of Nottingham Trent University and the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom, cats mirror their owners’ personality traits and we mean both the good ones and the bad ones. There were also smaller-scale studies on the same topic before this one that also had similar results, so this study just builds on them.

In Honor Of Black Cat Awareness Month Here Are 6 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

As you may or may not know, October is officially Black Cat Awareness Month. Unfortunately, black cats aren’t the first ones to get adopted due to the stigma around their fur color, so this month, people are trying to promote the adoption of black cats.

People Are Buying IKEA Doll Beds For Their Pets

If you want to spoil your cat or other small pet that you have, we have a brilliant idea to share with you all! Turns out that people are buying this simple IKEA doll bed and using it as a bed for their pets! This ‘Duktig doll bed’ is coming from a linen set too and it’s on sale for only $14.99. It’s the perfect size for your cat and also its design allows your cat to stick its tail out if it wants to relax. Apparently, some crafty cat lovers are even turning them into bunk beds!

Instead Of Charging Parking Violators With A Fee, This Police Department Wants You To Donate To A Shelter

Every now and then, we find news that is brightening our day and just restoring our faith in kindness and humanity in general. This is one of such news. The Muncie Police Department decided to demand people with a parking ticket to donate cat supplies to the animal shelter, instead of straight-up paying the fee.

Photos Of These Cats Who Try To Hide From Their Vets Are Absolutely Hilarious

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These Cat Owners Reached New Heights When It Comes To Creativity During Quarantine

Quarantine is a boring time for most of us since we need to distract ourselves from all the things that are happening that we can’t really control. And of course, that requires a lot of creativity. Well, the cat owners in this list seem to have found the perfect solution for both themselves and their cats, though! They started to build forts for their cats using cardboard boxes, and the results are going to blow your mind! Just scroll down to see the rest of our gallery!

These Photos Will Prove You That Cats Are The Cutest Creatures On Our Planet

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These Shelter Cats Will Have A Cozy Place To Sleep Thanks To IKEA

IKEA started to donate doll beds to a cat shelter in Canada, and the furballs look absolutely adorable sleeping in those tiny beds! IKEA’s beds weren’t originally meant for cats, obviously, and they actually have other products for pets, but as these doll beds are the perfect size for kittens, the adorable furballs at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario, Canada won’t sleep on the floor during harsh winter nights anymore. “We have floors that are easy to clean, but they’re not really suitable for taking naps on,” the Etobicoke Humane Society stated on their Facebook page. IKEA not only gave them 10 doll beds which are enough to fill the kitten room but also donated $300. The Etobicoke Humane Society has been active for over 25 years. Their mission is to protect, care, and improve the welfare of the animals under their care and their shelter is a no-kill shelter that’s run by volunteers.

These Cats High On Catnip Are The Most Hilarious Things You Will See Today

Thanks to social media, we get to see more and more cute animals whenever we want to, and still, it seems like we can’t get enough of them! The photographer who took these brilliant photos,