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There Are Only Cats Living In This Small “Town”

This town is located in the northern province of Samsun, Turkey and it is built entirely for cats! The facility is also known as ‘cat town’ and it is built within a 10,000-kilometer forest area that can be found within a municipal animal shelter.

This Giant Cat Still Loves To Climb Up Onto His Owner’s Lap

This is Tihon and he is a Maine Coon cat. Maine Coons are known for their massive sizes, and Tihon is no different. He loves cuddles and even though he grows bigger and bigger, he still wants to be held by his owner! His name is coming from the Russian word for ‘quiet’ as he is a very chill and quiet cat. He greets his owner every day when she comes home from work and jumps onto her lap for cuddles.

This Husky Was Raised By Cats And Now She Thinks She Is A Cat

Reddit user named Dong_of_Justice has gained a lot of popularity after he shared some very funny pics of his husky dog named Tally on the website. What makes Tally unique is that since she was raised by cats, she thinks of herself as a cat too! Tally is not a purebred husky. Her owner stated that she is husky/malamute/and a little bit of something else. She looks and behaves like a malamute rather than a husky, and you can say malamutes are also a bit cat-like in terms of behavior. Sadly, her owner doesn’t have proof to show that she was actually raised amongst cats since she was in a different household back then. But we still think you are going to enjoy Tallie’s photos!

These Photos Of Cats Who Are Very Eager To Show Their Love Will Brighten Your Day

We think we all can use a ‘cat break’ to forget about our problems and have a better day every now and then. You’ll find some absolutely adorable photos of these furballs who bring us joy in the gallery below. Just sit back and enjoy!

This Family Changed The Life Of This Poor Stray Cat And Her Kittens

This cute stray cat in the photos entered a barn in Lake Chelan, Washington. Since no one came and took the cat from there, a neighbor started to take care of the cat. 

These Kittens That Snuggle Up With Their Rescuer After A Storm Will Wam Your Heart

This family of kittens was brought in by the Animal Welfare League Of Arlington (AWLA).

These Cats Refuse To Sleep In Separate Beds

These are Lili (grey) and Renley (orange). Ever since they were adopted, they are sleeping together in a bed placed on top of a cat condo. 

Photos Of Cats That Are Trying To Look Scary But Failing Miserably

We know that cats think of themselves as intimidating and charismatic. While they certainly have a unique charm, it is kind of hard to agree that they are actually somewhat scary or even close to being intimidating! Their pink toe beans and cute tiny tongues make it impossible to picture them as scary and dangerous creatures. In this gallery, we gathered together the photos of cats who desperately want to look cool but fail to achieve that. Even if their attempts aren’t a success, they are still so silly and fluffy and cute and we love them for that! Enjoy their photos below.

This Kitten’s Sleeping Position Will Make You Say ‘Aww’

We have a special fondness when it comes to sleeping cats since cats can sleep anytime anywhere and usually in very ludicrous positions. 

These Pets Love Their Toys As Much As You Love Your Stuffed Animals

We all want to spoil our pets with the best stuff, so we make sure that we’re buying the right food, the right bed, and of course, the right toys for them. Well, did you know that pets can also get attached to their toys just like humans do, though? So even if you buy them a new and ‘better’ toy, they may not want to give up their old one. Scientists think that there are a great variety of reasons behind this attachment between animals and their toys. It can be about feeling warm and cozy when they hug them, it can also be that the animals see their toys as their prey. No matter what the actual reason behind their behavior is, though, they just look so adorable when playing with their toys! So today, we are giving you some adorable animals and their inanimate best friends. Check out the gallery below to see them for yourself!

These Superpowers Cats Have Will Get You Shocked

Cats are very mysterious creatures. Sometimes they can be very independent and indifferent to their environment, and other times they come near us purring, wanting to get our attention. Sometimes they are hyper and run around all day, and other times they just sleep and barely even move. What makes them even more unique is that they have ‘superpowers’. Cats can do amazing things with their bodies. While you’re probably aware of some of these, we’re sure you’re going to find some facts about cats that will surprise you in this list. Read below to find out more about your cat’s superpowers.

Meet Smoothie, The World’s Most Photogenic Cat

This is Smoothie, a British longhair cat who is living with her owner, Arvid von Boekel in the Netherlands. This beautiful cat has an Instagram account and unsurprisingly she has quite a fanbase! We can say she has a bright future in modeling. Just check out her photos below to see them for yourself!