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This Couple Helped This Obese Cat Lose Weight

Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman wanted to adopt a kitten and went to the local Humane Society. However, they ended up falling in love with this giant cat named Bronson as soon as they walked in. According to the story a staff member shared with the couple, Bronson’s last owner passed away. Since the cat was very obviously overweight (33 pounds!), they thought that his last owner was probably an old man who was feeding him table scraps. The couple brought Bronson to their home and then they immediately went to the vet. They wanted him to lose weight because he was running the risk of having Fatty Liver Disease, which can be a fatal illness. They’ve arranged a new exercise and diet routine for Bronson. Despite his giant size and relatively scary looks, Bronson was so happy to be with his new family and he was so sweet to them. Now, he has an Instagram account on his own to share his weight loss journey with the world. He already has more than 30000 followers! He managed to shed 1.6 pounds and he’s on the right path for a healthy life.

This Cat Inspired Many Photoshop Artists To Give This Photo Their Own Twist And You’ll Love The Results

If you’re a cat owner, you probably know that they can sleep at any time, anywhere. You can find tons of photos of cats online sleeping in absolutely ridiculous positions. Since cats are natural predators, they need to restore their energy levels. That’s why they sleep that much. They’re the most adorable when they’re sleeping, though. We usually hardly contain ourselves in order not to touch and disturb them during their sleep. Recently, this photo of a cat sleeping in the corner gained a lot of popularity on the internet. It even inspired many people to give it their takes on it using Photoshop and the results are absolutely hilarious. See them for yourself in the gallery below!

The Photos Of These Adorable Animals Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

According to scientists, when we see something so adorable our brains tend to get aggressive. That’s why we want to ‘squeeze’, or ‘crush’, or ‘bite’ something cute without really hurting them. These emotions help us deal with too much cuteness, in a weird way. You’re going to find 10 absolutely adorable animals in the gallery below. We’re sorry that you can’t squeeze them but you may find yourself hugging your screen.

This Man Took Great Care Of This Poor Cat And You Won’t Believe The Results

Even though it is very heartbreaking, it’s true that animals can get rejected by their mothers due to a variety of reasons.

These Baby Maine Coon Kittens Are So Cute That You Won’t Believe They Turn Into Giants When They Grow Up

‘Maine Coon’ is a cat breed that is mostly known for its massive size. Maine Coon cats are very big compared to the other breeds of domestic cats. They’re actually a mixed breed of raccoons and cats and they are also one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Despite their massive size, Maine Coons are known to be quite social, so that’s why they are also called ‘gentle giants’. An adult Maine Coon cat can weigh up to 8.2 kilograms, and reach a body length of 120 cm which is roughly as big as a baby tiger! But of course, before becoming an adult, they go through an adorable toddler phase. Since we all adore cats, we thought it’s a good idea to share these cute photos of baby Maine Coon cats with you. We know you’ll love them!

If These Goofy Cats Can’t Make You Laugh, We Don’t Know What Can

People usually think of cats as very intelligent and sly creatures. We tend to forget that they can also be very silly, but still adorable. Their over-the-top attitude makes them even funnier during these moments! So, today we are presenting you with some of the most adorable and silliest cats who forgot about their beautiful and elegant nature. Scroll down to see their awesome photos for yourself!

These Photos Will Show You That Cats Are Indeed Cheeky Little Monster

We all agree that cats are absolutely adorable, but they can also be very annoying at times. They love destroying things their owners value, or break every household rule their owners are trying to force upon them. It seems like there’s no in-between when it comes to cats, they can either be little angels or pure evil. Despite the troubles they cause us, one thing is for sure: we just love cats. That’s why we put together this gallery of cats who are up to no good for you. You may find some of the situations very relatable if you are a cat owner yourself. Enjoy!

These Goofy Cats Will Definitely Bring A Smile To Your Face

Even though cats are amongst the most popular pets, they have a bad reputation for being very independent and disrespecting their owners. They seem to be less friendly and social compared to dogs, and it’s not always possible to understand what they are thinking. They even go so far as to involve in power plays with their owners and take control of the household themselves! However, most cat owners also do know that they can be the funniest and silliest creatures on Earth sometimes! What’s even funnier is that cats don’t even realize how funny and ridiculous they are being! In this gallery, we are giving you some of the most hilarious moments of such cats who are being goofs without even being aware of it. Enjoy!

These Cute Animals Will Make You Laugh Out Loud With Their Goofiness

Life is never boring when you have a pet around. Animals are surely making our lives way more interesting and bringing us joy with their strange but adorable behaviors. No matter how experienced a pet owner you are, we can guarantee you that your pet will find very creative ways to surprise you and bring a smile to your lips. Since we love seeing goofy animals here, we thought making a gallery of them and sharing it with you is a great idea! Check out the photos below to relax a bit and have a laugh!

Cat Who Was Trying To Live In A Bird Cage All Her Life Finally Found Herself A Loving Home

An animal rescue organization named Furry Nation Salvation received information about a cat who was forced to live under terrible conditions.

This Gallery Will Give You More Than Enough Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

Some people associate black cats with popular horror films such as Friday 13th and Halloween. The others think they’re unlucky due to their connections with witches. And due to these ridiculous reasons, they’re usually the last to be adopted in rescue centers. We think that black cats are so cool and actually quite adorable. Discriminating an animal because of the color of its fur is not only ridiculous but also very wrong. If you haven’t even tried to pet a black cat, we definitely suggest that you should. You’ll find yourself attached to it in no time. If you’re still indecisive about adopting a black cat, check out our gallery to see how cute they are yourself.

This Husky Was Raised By Cats And Now She Thinks She Is A Cat

Reddit user named Dong_of_Justice has gained a lot of popularity after he shared some very funny pics of his husky dog named Tally on the website. What makes Tally unique is that since she was raised by cats, she thinks of herself as a cat too! Tally is not a purebred husky. Her owner stated that she is husky/malamute/and a little bit of something else. She looks and behaves like a malamute rather than a husky, and you can say malamutes are also a bit cat-like in terms of behavior. Sadly, her owner doesn’t have proof to show that she was actually raised amongst cats since she was in a different household back then. But we still think you are going to enjoy Tallie’s photos!