This Cat Has A Hilarious Mustache And You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With It

We’ve all seen cats with very unique markings. In fact, each and every cat looks so marvelous with their unique color schemes, spots, and fluffy furs. This British Shorthair cat named Gringo, however, has that perfect cat mustache and it’s absolutely charming!

Along with that mustache-shaped marking, he has this adorable chocolate color fur and big beautiful eyes too.

This nearly two-year-old cat is not shy when it comes to posing for the camera. He’s actually a purrfect model! He is a very sweet boy and he loves passing time with his cat mom and dad, Sabrine and Romain.

He’s a mischievous and playful cat, and he is just so full of life. He likes doing cat things such as scratching the couch, climbing on curtains and jumping in the plants.

He can be very sophisticated at times, and very goofy and playful the other times.

Gringo also has another friend in the same household, a rescue kitty named Milko.

They love playing together and get along really well.

Gringo is absolutely a charming kitten. Along with that unique mustache, he also has mesmerizing eyes. According to his owners, he is a very curious cat and he always observes what they’re doing around the house.

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