This Cat Has Eyebrows And She Looks Hilarious

This calico cat is named Lilly and she looks like she’s judging her owner all the time due to her funny-looking eyebrows.

She was found on the streets of New Jersey and she managed to find herself a forever home when she was four months old.

 According to her owner, Lilly is very energetic and she makes hilarious expressions especially while they’re playing together. She loves cuddling and following her owner wherever she goes around the house. Lilly has a lot of interesting pictures since her eyebrows give her a very unique look. Much like any other cat, she is very vocal when it comes to demanding food.

Well, her owner needs to wait if she wants to use the sink. This is Lilly’s time.

Lilly and her beautiful green eyes.

Lilly’s watching her owner’s caloric intake on the dinner table.

If you were planning to be alone during your bathroom break, you may forget about that.

Lilly loves eating, as you can tell.

Lilly spends most of her time sitting by the window and observing humans and birds. Lilly is judging you while you’re just trying to take a shower.

She doesn’t seem so willing to share the bed.

This is her face when her owner wakes up in the morning.

‘I demand belly rubs!’