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This Mother Cat’s Bittersweet Story Will Make You Cry

This sick tiny kitten was taken to the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) and no one was expecting it to survive...until this mama cat named Ember showed up and saved his life.

This Man Has Breathing Problems While Sleeping Because Of His Cat

Cats are nocturnal animals. So, they spend their days sleeping roughly 12-16 hours a day while they get very active and energetic during the night. But have you ever wondered what your mischievous cat is up to during the night? Well, this guy found that out in a very weird way.

This Cat Has A Reputation For Being The Most “Unusual” Cat In The World

Meet Veronika. 

This 75-Year-Old Animal Shelter Volunteer Naps With Cats Every Day

Meet the internet’s new hero, 75-year-old Terry Lauerman. He loves cats so much that one day he showed up at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin with a brush in his hand and asked the staff there if he could groom the cats. 

You Will Relate To These 20 Facts About Living With Cats If You Are A Cat Owner Yourself

Living with a cat is absolutely amazing, but you need to accept the challenges along the way as well. You need to be patient with them, take your time to play with them, and care for them whenever they need it. It can be hard to keep up with the energy of a cat but despite these hard moments, it is also very rewarding and you are going to have a lot of fun with a cat. In this list, we are going to give you 20 truths of living with a cat, and we think you’re going to find them very relatable if you already have a cat. Scroll down and enjoy!

This Bengal Cat Looks Like A Tiger And We Cannot Get Enough Of Him

Meet Thor the Bengal Cat! He is one of those cats that can make you instantly fall in love with them. The kitty has a very unique appearance and lots of spots even on his tummy! Scroll down to see more of Thor and read his story.

Adorable Photos Of Cats Who Chose Their Owners Themselves

If you want to be a cat owner, there are a couple of ways that you can choose from. You can buy one from the breeders, you can visit a pet shop, you can adopt one from an animal shelter, or if you’re lucky, you can even get one as a gift! But sometimes a very special thing happens and the cat chooses you as ‘the one’. Here is a gallery of cats honoring the humans as their caretakers. Enjoy!

This Stray Dog Has A Very Heartwarming Story And You Will Absolutely Love It

A woman was driving on a very cold winter night in Ontario, Canada when she saw something strange that made her pull over. She realized a dog was curled up in a ball, shivering on a snowy roadside. When she came closer, though, she found out that the dog wasn’t alone.

These Cats Deserve An Oscar With Their Dramatic ‘Performances’

We all know how overly dramatic and over-the-top the behaviors of cats can be sometimes. Especially if you are a cat owner you probably realize how your cat looks at you as if it’s starving if you give them food 10 minutes late before the regular time, or how they react when they see something for the first time. We think the cats in this list definitely deserve an Oscar for being so overly dramatic. Scroll down, and enjoy our list!

These Medieval Paintings Of Cats Licking Their Butts Will Brighten Your Mood Today

When we think of medieval art, we think about paintings of beautiful patterns such as flowers or ivy. Or maybe some other artwork that medieval monks painted to add depth to the words by illustrating a story. Turned out that cats licking their butts were just another thing they enjoyed painting!

The Cat Towers This Guy Builds Are So Extravagant And Cute That Every Cat Owner Needs One

As you already know, cats are great when it comes to climbing and they enjoy being in high places. You can find your cat at the top of a shelf, or on top of your wardrobe staring at you with great confidence. So, this guy named Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut decided to build really extravagant and elaborate towers for cats. His cats absolutely love them and these towers bring them too much happiness and fun, so to say.

Turns Out That Cats Give Messages To Their Owners With Their Abnormal Behaviors

We accept dogs as man’s best friends, but in reality, we should give more credit to the cats as well. Many cat owners will tell you their pets are just as loyal as any other pet can be but in their own special way. One thing is for sure, though, it’s not easy to understand cats and their behaviors. We can say they also try to communicate with their owners and other people around but these behaviors aren’t really easy to read more often than not. Here in this list, though, we are giving you some tips and tricks about your cat’s behaviors and what they might mean. Read on to understand your pet better!