The Colors Of This Cat Will Blow Your Mind

The gorgeous creature you’re going to see in this gallery is called a genetic chimera cat. They are rare natural occurrences where an individual is made up of cells from two or more different original eggs. They fuse together to create a single organism whose DNA is from two entirely different individuals. This cat named Quimera might also be a mosaic, which is really common in felines, and it occurs when only one individual egg just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. We still need DNA testing for a certain answer, though. Regardless, the cat is absolutely gorgeous!

Meet Quimera from Argentina! Thanks to her unique features, she quickly became very popular on the internet

Quimera possibly is what’s known as a Genetic chimera, an infrequent natural occurrence

She has two different colored eyes that are astonishingly beautiful

This unique color split continues throughout her entire body

Making her really stand out

Quimera has a very big fanbase on Instagram and people all around the world are watching her daily life now.

She has more than 92,000 followers!

She regularly posts bits of her daily life

She’s not even aware of her fame, but she is loved by many around the world!