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These Adorable Cats Will Restore Your Faith In Love And Relationships

You’ve heard the term ‘lovebirds’ before, but we’re here to prove to you that ‘love cats’ have even stronger feelings for each other! Cats are not afraid to show their love to each other and they’re better at that compared to humans. Especially the cats in this list who seem to be hopeless romantics! So if you want to see something really heartwarming today, check out our list of adorable cats that are madly in love!

These Cats Will Show You That They Can Fit Their Bodies Wherever They Want To

We all know that even the greatest contortionists and gymnasts can’t be worthy opponents for cats when it comes to flexibility. They can just fit their bodies into the tightest and most uncomfortable places imaginable, and still manage to have a good time! Even if it seems impossible for them to fit their body in a tiny box, or a shoe, they never lose their determination, and you know what they say: “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Here are some of the funniest cats that are determined to be in places where they absolutely shouldn’t be!

If You Can’t Get Enough Of Cats These Cat Legos Are For You

Are you obsessed with cats? Do you want to see them everywhere all the time? If your answer is yes, we have news for you! A Hong-Kong based company named JEKCA makes mini Lego sculptures of your favorite felines that build up to a height of 1.6 feet each. You can customize them however you want, choose their colors and positions. One of these Lego cat statues cost around $50-$60. Much like IKEA furniture, you assemble them yourself when you get your kit. According to JEKCA’s claims on their Facebook page “These cat sculptures are very sturdy and they will not collapse or break apart.”

This Guy Found A Scared Kitten Under A Truck And Became Her Hero

When Redditor JustAnotherGoodGuy found a scared kitten clinging to a truck near his office, he couldn’t just leave her to die there. According to the Redditor, “the mother cat ran off and left this kitten behind. I haven’t seen any other kittens around this one.” After he found the poor cat, the man sent a text to his wife asking if he could bring her home. His wife immediately said yes, as the kitten was too cute to be left outside. They immediately took the cat to the vet. “That’s how we learned it was a female cat. She got shots and a full care package. Turned out that she was only 4-5 weeks old when we found her.” “Axel quickly managed to adapt to the home environment. Immediately became friends with our 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old dog. She now has a loving home and a cozy space to live.” said the couple.

You Will Love The Adventures Of Gary The Mountaineering Rescue Cat

This fluffball is Gary and he is basically a celebrity on Instagram now! And rightfully so, we must say, since he definitely has one of the most entertaining accounts out there. What makes him different from other cats is that this cat is a true adventurer as he loves hiking, mountaineering, and paddling!

These Rescue Kittens Give Each Other Emotional Support After Being Left Behind

These two adorable kittens have never left each other alone since they were rescued, and they’ve grown up to be gorgeous cats together.

Do You Find It Hard To Understand Cats? These Photos Will Provide A Glimpse Into Their Logic

Cats are very mysterious and strange creatures and we don’t always understand what they’re trying to do. They may start running and jumping around for seemingly no reason, they go from super chill to absolutely crazy in mere seconds...and we just sit there and watch them in shock. Just know that you’re not alone in this. But we hope that our list here will help us better understand your cat the next time. Enjoy!

18 Cats Who Were Caught In The Middle Of Their Mischievous Acts By Their Owners

Have you ever wondered what your cats are up to when you’re not home? Have you caught them with a guilty look on their faces when you entered home? The cats in this list definitely weren’t expecting their owners to be home so early and we guarantee you that you’re going to enjoy their photos!

These Photos Of Curious Cats That Are In The Places Where They Shouldn’t Be Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Cats are weird creatures. They can adapt to almost every environment and they are capable of bending their bodies in impossible ways. They can fit into boxes, tight corners, basically anywhere and they always know the best and most comfortable places to take a rest. We compiled 20 photos of the hilarious places cats choose to take a rest and explore in the gallery below. You’re going to admire their flexibility while laughing at their silliness. Enjoy!

Check Out This Gallery If You Can’t Get Enough Of Cats

Cats are amongst the most popular pets on our planet. Needless to say, we know how much you love seeing cute photos of cats. So, we gathered together this adorable gallery just for you! Check the photos below to have a much better day today.

You’ll Love The Photos Of These Animals Who Hates Being Photographed

We all try to master the art of taking selfies. It’s a part of our daily lives now, after all. We have even included our animals in the selfie game. And this turned out to be a brilliant idea since their photos are adorable and very amusing. Some of them, however, not so enthusiastic about their modeling career, to say the least. But, that doesn’t change the fact that their photos are also amazing! In this gallery, we are giving you some of the best examples of those grumpy animals that don’t like selfies. We’re sure that you’re going to love them.

Check Out This Gallery Of Hilarious And Relatable Cat Memes If You’re A Cat Owner

Cats are amazing creatures that are giving us joy and the people on the internet can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re most definitely amongst most people’s pet of choice, and if you have a cat, you know that sometimes they tend to blur the lines of a relationship between the owner and the pet. You may find yourself serving your cat a bit too much. So today, we decided to share these hilarious cat memes with you to show you that you’re not the only one having these thoughts. If you can just take a moment, these memes will surely get you in a better mood. Enjoy!