This Giant Cat Still Loves To Climb Up Onto His Owner’s Lap

This is Tihon and he is a Maine Coon cat. Maine Coons are known for their massive sizes, and Tihon is no different. He loves cuddles and even though he grows bigger and bigger, he still wants to be held by his owner! His name is coming from the Russian word for ‘quiet’ as he is a very chill and quiet cat. He greets his owner every day when she comes home from work and jumps onto her lap for cuddles.

Tihon here, looking at you with his beautiful, unique pair of eyes.

“He wants to be held all the time. He is very social and he follows me around everywhere”

“He is given this name since he is a very quiet cat. ‘Tiho’ means quiet in Russian.”

“He sometimes slowly purrs. His first aim is to always be with me.”

This gentle giant always greets his owner when she comes home from work.

Then she jumps into her lap for cuddles

Even though he is obviously massive, he lets the smaller cat of the house be the boss

He doesn’t really care about being the dominant one around the house, he just wants cuddles

And he just spreads love all day every day