This Kitten’s Sleeping Position Will Make You Say ‘Aww’

We have a special fondness when it comes to sleeping cats since cats can sleep anytime anywhere and usually in very ludicrous positions. 

Most of them love sleeping on the side or curled up like a ball and it’s extremely cute. However, the calico munchkin kitten in this story named Chata sleeps like a human with his arms and legs straight out and he is absolutely adorable!

This is Chata. He is a two-month-old kitten from Japan and he is very famous on the internet thanks to his adorable way of sleeping. He seems like he’s off to dreamland with that big smile on his face.

Some people are worried since this is an unusual sleeping position for a cat but Chata doesn’t have any problems waking up. And when he wakes up, he is a very playful kitten!

Chata also has an older sister who is a nine-month-old cat named Chava. The duo has a large following on Instagram with over 41,000 followers.