There Are Only Cats Living In This Small “Town”

This town is located in the northern province of Samsun, Turkey and it is built entirely for cats! The facility is also known as ‘cat town’ and it is built within a 10,000-kilometer forest area that can be found within a municipal animal shelter.

 The project took 2 years to be fully completed and it was built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide a safe space for more than fifty stray cats.

The cats are first spayed and neutered and then brought to this town to live in a cozy environment.

Any cat is welcome there regardless of its size, health conditions, or age.

The cats are provided with necessary care before they are released to live with the other cats in the town.

The facility has everything a cat can dream of

The team behind this facility aims to provide cats a happy and healthy life

The resident vet and also the manager of the shelter, Huseyin Aydin, helps the sick cats that are living in this town and give them the treatments they need

The cats are free to choose if they want to live alone or with other cats and there are plenty of bridges, bungalows, and walking tracks for cats in the town.

The team is dealing with everything the cats need

At the moment they are housing 50 cats, but Aydin states that they are planning to expand the area to make room for more cats in the near future