These Superpowers Cats Have Will Get You Shocked

Cats are very mysterious creatures. Sometimes they can be very independent and indifferent to their environment, and other times they come near us purring, wanting to get our attention. Sometimes they are hyper and run around all day, and other times they just sleep and barely even move. What makes them even more unique is that they have ‘superpowers’. Cats can do amazing things with their bodies. While you’re probably aware of some of these, we’re sure you’re going to find some facts about cats that will surprise you in this list. Read below to find out more about your cat’s superpowers.

If you have a cat, you probably know how flexible its body is. They can fit your bodies in very tight spaces or crawl through any space that’s relatively bigger than their heads. The reason why they are so flexible is that their spines and vertebrae rotate more than most other animals.

Cats are very fast creatures. This isn’t surprising especially when you consider that they’re sharing this ability with other, bigger cats such as cheetahs, leopards, pumas, tigers, etc. An average domestic cat can reach a speed of 30MPH (50KMH) which is even faster than Usain Bolt during his record-breaking race.

You may have also noticed that your cat can jump really high. Most cats can jump five times their height which is approximately 150 cm, but the record cat jump is 196 cm. You need to remember that the world record for an upward jump is 182.88 cm.

Cats are not surprisingly, very strong creatures too. Most of their abilities require serious muscle power, and they also have claws that help them climb up almost any surface. The Maine Coon cats are the strongest domestic cats. In fact, they are so strong that you need to be careful when they’re around your children. We know that household cats are relatives to big cats, but according to the experts, domestic cats can be even better hunters compared to tigers and so on. Many household cats still hunt more than 4 times a day in nearby woods, and they usually hunt on small birds or seagulls, etc. Some cats even have the ability to mimic bird sounds to lure them!

Cats have a field of view of approximately 200 degrees which is 20 degrees more than humans. They also have amazing night vision as they don’t need to blink on a regular basis.

You know they say cats always land on their feet, right? Well, this is not far from the truth as they can survive as much as a 32 stories fall onto concrete and still can keep on walking without any injuries.

You can only compare cats’ ears to satellite dishes as they have a 180-degree field of motion with 52 muscles to control their ears. Cats can also control these muscles separately in order to focus on quiet sounds. Even though humans and cats actually have a similar hearing range, cats can hear higher-pitched sounds, up to 64 kHz which is 1.6 octaves above humans’ range and 1 octave above dogs’ range.

Since they’re very good hunters, cats can walk completely silently when they want to. You may have realized how your cat looks like a tiger or other big cat when it crouches and this is not an unexpected thing since they keep on this movement until they come really close to their prey.

Cats really love sleeping and they always look so comfortable and peaceful during their sleep. It’s known that they can sleep for 70% of their lives, and some cats can even snore! Sometimes you see your cat twitching its paws or whiskers in its sleep. That means that your cat is dreaming!

Cats are one of the most loved animals around the world, and it has actually been always like that according to the historical records. They’ve been around humans for more than 9 thousand years, and some ancient civilizations such as Egyptians worshipped them as gods. We don’t worship them now, but it is clear that we go above and beyond for their happiness.