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This Guy Quit His Job And Sold Everything He Owned Just To Travel Freely With His Cat

Meet Rich East, the guy who is probably a little too impressed by the story of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. He loves traveling, so one day he decided to quit his job and sell all his possessions to travel around the world freely. He is not completely alone in this journey, though, his cat Willow also accompanies him!

These Photos Of Cats Who Are Very Eager To Show Their Love Will Brighten Your Day

We think we all can use a ‘cat break’ to forget about our problems and have a better day every now and then. You’ll find some absolutely adorable photos of these furballs who bring us joy in the gallery below. Just sit back and enjoy!

Say Hi To Fat Xiang, The New Famous Meme Cat

This is Fat Xiang (Lucky) and he lives in Thailand. According to his owner, he is a ‘sleepy influencer’.

These Cats Will Amaze You By Their Flexibility

We almost started to believe that cats are liquid since they have the ability to take the shape of any container they can fit their body in! Due to some weird and unknown reason, cats have a special fondness when it comes to tight spaces, so they are absolutely obsessed with boxes, jars, pots, and so on. In this gallery, we are going to give you 15+ photos of cats who managed to fit their bodies in very tight and normally uncomfortable places. We are sure some of them will shock you. Scroll down, and enjoy!

This Unique Rorschach Kitten Regains Strength And Thrives With Her Sister, Now They Have Their Dream Come True

A tiny calico was brought back to life when she was in a miserable condition with her sister by her side. Months later, they finally managed to have a second chance in life.

This Man Took Great Care Of This Poor Cat And You Won’t Believe The Results

Even though it is very heartbreaking, it’s true that animals can get rejected by their mothers due to a variety of reasons.

If You’re Looking For The Perfect Balance In Nature, These Yin And Yang Cats Will Give You Exactly That

There is a lot of stigma around black cats, and according to many myths they are considered bad luck. White cats, on the other hand, are known as innocent creatures and they’re mostly associated with good luck. However, we’re aware that these are just myths and not true at all, but it’s safe to say they create a beautiful contrast when they come together. That’s why we decided to create this amazing photo gallery of black and white cats together! Just like Yin and Yang, they’re total opposites of each other, but at the same time beautifully compliment each other.

This Woman Does A Newborn Photoshoot With Her Kitten And The Results Are Both Adorable And Hilarious

If kittens and babies have one thing in common, that is the joy they bring to a family.

This Adorable Chonker From Russia And His Brilliant Photos In The Snow Will Brighten Your Mood Today

To be honest, everything wasn’t perfect right from the start for this cute cat from Russia. The poor thing had been living on the streets, fighting for all the food he could find, and finding shelter wherever he could. “We came across him around the entrance of our house,” said the cat’s current owners. “He looked like he didn’t have the necessary skills to survive outside, so we assumed he was a house cat. He would just sit at the same spot for long periods of time.” The family tried all they could to find the cat’s owners but no one showed up so they decided to take him in.

The Photos Of These Adorable Animals Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

According to scientists, when we see something so adorable our brains tend to get aggressive. That’s why we want to ‘squeeze’, or ‘crush’, or ‘bite’ something cute without really hurting them. These emotions help us deal with too much cuteness, in a weird way. You’re going to find 10 absolutely adorable animals in the gallery below. We’re sorry that you can’t squeeze them but you may find yourself hugging your screen.

This Poor Havana Cat Rescued By A Shelter Had Been Mistreated Badly For Years

This cat’s story began when a group of cats was rescued and taken to Five Acres Animal Shelter in Missouri a year ago. The staff there were more than surprised when they found out this cat is actually a rare breed called the Havana Brown.

If You Are A Cat Owner You Should Definitely See These Amazing Cat Patios

Whether or not cats should be confined to the indoors is a neverending argument amongst people all around the globe. While some people argue that keeping your cat indoors is the safest and warmest possible way for your pet to live its best life, others suggest cats are curious by their nature and they always want to explore new things so they should stay outdoors. So how can you actually give your cat the life it deserves? The solution seems to be the cat patios or catios if you will. It's an outdoor enclosure for your cat to enjoy the fun life outside and stay safe at the same time!