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This Famous Meme Cat Has The Most Sensational Instagram Page

The internet is a goldmine when it comes to cat memes. This one meme we are going to talk about here, however, has been shared by almost the entire human population on Earth and it has gained a lot of popularity. We are talking about the very famous "woman yelling at a cat" meme that features two slides, with a woman yelling in one, and the other having a very chill cat in it. This chill kitty in the meme is named Smudge, and he is described as being a "chunky but funky meme-lord who hates vegetables". We talked to Smudge's owner to get more information about this adorable meme-famous cat and find out how he ended up as a celebrity on the internet.

If You Are A Cat Lover, We Have The Perfect Open-World Game For You

We have good news for cat lovers all around the world! Developer Eric Blumrich recently came up with that game idea called ‘Peace Island’, and the game revolves around a gang of cats going on adventures and solving mysteries together.

Apparently, Cats Can Also Have A Strong Bond With Their Humans

We always believe that dogs are man’s best friend, but seems like they’re not the only one! According to some recent studies, cats can also form a deep connection with their owners.

These Rescue Kittens Give Each Other Emotional Support After Being Left Behind

These two adorable kittens have never left each other alone since they were rescued, and they’ve grown up to be gorgeous cats together.

Lucky Girl Came Across Her Long-Lost Childhood Cat While Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

This is the story of Hannah Rountree. Hannah was 12 years old when her cat named Spunky got lost. When Hannah went on vacation with her family, their beloved black and white cat found a way to run away from the house. They searched for him everywhere and tried anything to find him, but the cat didn’t come back. As you would expect, Hannah was very sad about the whole thing, but Spunky inspired her love for animals. When she became a teenager, she decided to volunteer at her local animal shelter. When now 15-year-old Hannah arrived for her second shift at Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, there was no way for her to know what was going to happen! Hannah saw a black and white cat at the center and felt an immediate connection with the animal. The cat had been recently brought to the center and was being kept in the shelter’s catio. There were many other similar looking cats, but Hannah felt like this one was special.

These Adorable Cats Will Restore Your Faith In Love And Relationships

You’ve heard the term ‘lovebirds’ before, but we’re here to prove to you that ‘love cats’ have even stronger feelings for each other! Cats are not afraid to show their love to each other and they’re better at that compared to humans. Especially the cats in this list who seem to be hopeless romantics! So if you want to see something really heartwarming today, check out our list of adorable cats that are madly in love!

This Bengal Cat Looks Like A Tiger And We Cannot Get Enough Of Him

Meet Thor the Bengal Cat! He is one of those cats that can make you instantly fall in love with them. The kitty has a very unique appearance and lots of spots even on his tummy! Scroll down to see more of Thor and read his story.

Kitten And Man Becomes Best Friends After It Crawls Up To Him While Fishing

The man in this story was fishing by the lake one day when this adorable cat crawled up to him meowing for some cuddles. 

This Abandoned Kitten Changed This Man’s Life

Josh wasn’t really so good with cats, and he wasn’t really thinking that there would be a time in his life where he just snuggles with a kitten.

If These Goofy Cats Can’t Make You Laugh, We Don’t Know What Can

People usually think of cats as very intelligent and sly creatures. We tend to forget that they can also be very silly, but still adorable. Their over-the-top attitude makes them even funnier during these moments! So, today we are presenting you with some of the most adorable and silliest cats who forgot about their beautiful and elegant nature. Scroll down to see their awesome photos for yourself!

This Cat Has A Reputation For Being The Most “Unusual” Cat In The World

Meet Veronika. 

This Teenager's Prom Partner Was His Cat And Their Photos Together Are Absolutely Adorable

Senior prom is thought to be the pinnacle of high school and a very important night for many students since it gives them the opportunity of looking and being ‘extra’ while celebrating the near-end of their teenage period before being thrust into college and/or the real world. You see a lot of pictures and videos from teenagers that are willing to show how much fun prom can be, and some of them really melt your heart while others put a smile on your face since they are absolutely hilarious. Even though proms are fun, finding a date for the prom can be a very hard and painful experience that may end up in heartbreak, groups of friends going together to the prom, or some other amusing things such as the story we're going to tell you about here. This student named Sam Steingard was ready for his prom but he didn't have a date. He couldn't find one either. This might be heartbreaking for many people, but Sam isn't one of those people. Sam had a Plan B and it was the most perfect Plan B ever!