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These Twin Cats With Heterochromia Are So Stunning That They Are Going To Blow Your Mind

We all know if there’s anything better than a cat, it’s two cats! These gorgeous twin sisters named Iriss and Abyss are here to prove us right once again!

If You Are A Cat Lover, We Have The Perfect Open-World Game For You

We have good news for cat lovers all around the world! Developer Eric Blumrich recently came up with that game idea called ‘Peace Island’, and the game revolves around a gang of cats going on adventures and solving mysteries together.

This Cat Photographer From Japan Takes Incredible Photos Of Stray Cats And You Are Going To Fall In Love With Them

This Japanese photographer named Nyankichi Rojiupa is a true cat lover and he especially enjoys photographing cats. For those of you who don't know, Japan is a very cat-friendly country. They even have a cat island that has become viral on social media, for example. However, we can't deny that the country has a stray cat problem. Well, maybe it's not right to call this a "problem" especially when we think of all the crazy stuff that is happening in other countries at the moment, but they definitely have a lot of strays, to be honest. Those stray cats, however, are very affectionate towards humans, they aren't malnourished at all and they are well-mannered. In Rojiupa's photos, you can see a group of stray cats who have turned a street with drain pipe holes into their playground, really. The artist aims to show people that you should always look on the bright side of life even when your conditions aren't the best with these adorable photographs. We think we can all learn something from these cute fluffballs.

The Unique Fur Markings Of These Cats Will Blow Your Mind

All cats are unique in their own way, but for some, it’s easier to stand out just because of their crazy fur markings! Here in this list, we compiled 10+ kitties with very interesting patterns, and we guarantee you that they are going to blow your mind. Scroll down, and enjoy our list!

Kitten And Man Becomes Best Friends After It Crawls Up To Him While Fishing

The man in this story was fishing by the lake one day when this adorable cat crawled up to him meowing for some cuddles. 

You Have Never Seen Cats This Fluffy Before

If you think you’ve seen enough fluffy cats, please, you can never have enough of them! In this list, we are giving you even more, but we can assure you that you have never seen cats this fluffy before as they are giving the world a whole new meaning with their incredible fluff! It’s even hard to see their paws under that much fur! They are living breathing fluffballs! Check out their photos below to see them for yourself.

This Artist’s Works Show How The Daily Life Would Be If The Cats Were Giant

Have you ever imagined how it would be if we had Godzilla-sized cats walking around? If your answer is ‘Yes’, then you’re not alone. 

Check Out This Gallery If You Can’t Get Enough Of Cats

Cats are amongst the most popular pets on our planet. Needless to say, we know how much you love seeing cute photos of cats. So, we gathered together this adorable gallery just for you! Check the photos below to have a much better day today.

These Interesting And Fun Facts About Black Cats Will Blow Your Mind

As we all know, black cats have a bad reputation and a stigma around their fur color for actually very stupid reasons! There used to be people thinking they were evil and some people still believe so! Some shelters don't even allow adoptions of black cats during Halloween time since some people adopt them as a joke, mistreat the cat, or even worse. However, black cats are just kitties that happen to have a darker fur color. They are just as sweet and they also have those adorable toe beans like all the other cats. Please don't be scared of these adorable furballs as they deserve and need love and attention just like any other cat.

These Rescue Kittens Give Each Other Emotional Support After Being Left Behind

These two adorable kittens have never left each other alone since they were rescued, and they’ve grown up to be gorgeous cats together.

These Cute Animals Will Make You Laugh Out Loud With Their Goofiness

Life is never boring when you have a pet around. Animals are surely making our lives way more interesting and bringing us joy with their strange but adorable behaviors. No matter how experienced a pet owner you are, we can guarantee you that your pet will find very creative ways to surprise you and bring a smile to your lips. Since we love seeing goofy animals here, we thought making a gallery of them and sharing it with you is a great idea! Check out the photos below to relax a bit and have a laugh!

Apparently, Cats Can Also Have A Strong Bond With Their Humans

We always believe that dogs are man’s best friend, but seems like they’re not the only one! According to some recent studies, cats can also form a deep connection with their owners.