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This Man Found The True Love On A Cat Facebook Page And His Story Will Warm Your Heart

While many people are using dating apps, the man in this story has managed to find the woman of his dreams via a Facebook page for cat lovers. He even traveled 4,000 miles just to meet her in person! If you want to read about an amazing love story today, keep on reading our article.

These Adoption Stories Where The Cat Gets To Choose Its Owner Will Melt Your Heart

We all have different personalities and different lives, but one thing we have in common is our love for cats. It's no secret that we really, and we mean, REALLY do love cats here, and you're here because you know where to find your quality cat content! That's why we decided to share some of the most beautiful and heartwarming adoption stories where cats get to choose their families. It's truly a unique feeling to adopt a cat, and when a cat just walks up to you and decides to stay with you, you end up feeling even more blessed. So, we are sure you're going to love our list and find these stories very inspiring. Just scroll down and enjoy!

Cats with Interesting Hats

Cat owners very well know that their pets löse their hair so often. Therefore, they need to clean and collect their hair too often. A Japanese cat owner, who is a photographer, too, had a great idea to reuse this hair. He started to design cat hats made of their own hair. Scroll down to see more examples of this interesting idea.

These Adorable Kittens Thank The Police Officer Who Rescued Them In Their Own Sweet Way And It’s Going To Make You Cry

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals (ASPCA), there are approximately at least 70 million stray cats living in the United States only. Even though a lot of those cats are being found and taken to animal shelters, there are still too many suffering in the streets, waiting to be rescued. We know that adopting a new feline friend from an animal shelter is one of the best ways to get a pet, but it’s not the only way available if you want a cat. Take these two kittens, for example. They were rescued off of the street in the most bizarre circumstance, and we can’t be happier about it.

Fun Pictures of Abnormally Long Cats

It is quite probable that you come across numerous cat pictures on social media especially Instagram. One interesting hashtag about cats is #longcat. Here is one of the largest gallery of long cats.

This Woman Does A Newborn Photoshoot With Her Kitten And The Results Are Both Adorable And Hilarious

If kittens and babies have one thing in common, that is the joy they bring to a family.

In Honor Of Black Cat Awareness Month Here Are 6 Reasons To Adopt A Black Cat

As you may or may not know, October is officially Black Cat Awareness Month. Unfortunately, black cats aren’t the first ones to get adopted due to the stigma around their fur color, so this month, people are trying to promote the adoption of black cats.

You Should Definitely Adopt A Senior Pet, And Here’s Why

We can’t deny that pets are brightening our lives. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling to have an animal companion with you to spend your love and life with. However, most people choose to adopt a younger animal such as a kitten or a puppy when they decide to get a pet. Here’s the thing, though, there actually are a lot of benefits of adopting an old animal. Yes, we know it’s a great thing to get a baby and see it grow and mature with you and your family, however, adopting a senior animal can be a wiser decision.

Cats Mothered by Birds

This Man Took Great Care Of This Poor Cat And You Won’t Believe The Results

Even though it is very heartbreaking, it’s true that animals can get rejected by their mothers due to a variety of reasons.

30 weird cat sculptures all around the world

In our gallery, we have compiled the world's weirdest cat sculptures. Cat lovers will like this gallery a lot!

According To New Study, Black And White Cats Have The Most Attitude

If you think you own your cat, then you are absolutely wrong. The truth is we actually serve our cats! They have very big personalities as you are probably aware of. We can say they have an attitude, or rather a 'cattitude' if you will. Cats are audacious and they know exactly what they want, and it's impossible to stop them once they have something in their minds that they want to achieve or get. This new research confirms what most cat owners already know: tuxedo cats have the biggest personalities. They are absolutely the sassiest ones among cats! Continue to read our article below if you want to learn about the details of this research.