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Avoid These Names If You Want To Give Your Black Cat A Unique Name

Naming anything, be it a pet, a stuffed animal, or a child (actually this must be the hardest!) can be very challenging. You need to choose a name that reflects their personality and unique features; it’d be ridiculous to call a timid, calm cat “Panther”, for example. We usually let our children name the pet of the house though, and their vocabulary can be kind of limited, to be perfectly honest. They usually want to give weird names to their pets, so maybe cliche names are actually better than those!

This Puma Is Living His Life As A House Cat

Meet Messi. What makes Messi different from other ‘big cats’ is that this Puma is living his life as a domestic house cat! He and his other siblings, Neymar and Suarez, were born at the zoo. They were named after famous international football players as a way to celebrate the Russian city hosting four matches in the group stages of the World Cup. Poor Messi was sold to the Saransk Zoo when he was a baby but he suffered from health problems there.

This Guy Adds Giant Cats To Various Photos Using Photoshop And The Results Are Just Hilarious

We know one thing about Photoshop for sure, it is definitely so much fun when you don't use it to alter human bodies. It gives us the ability to manipulate and alter every image to our hearts' content which is simply amazing and we are happy that the technological advancements we have today are allowing us to do something so interesting. Some artists do create some incredible things using Photoshop such as this artist we are going to talk about today named Fransdita Muafidin who increases the size of the cats and superimposes them over very famous landmarks! Cats have been a big source of inspiration for many artists over the years and the internet has made them even more popular. We've all seen the photos of these places before but add them a Cat-Zilla and boom! You have something new and definitely worth seeing! Check out our gallery below to see more of Fransdita's work for yourself!

These Photos Will Show You That Cats Actually Make Great Secret Agents

These cats are even better than James Bond!

Meet The Real-Life Aristocats Duchess And Her Kittens

Disney’s beloved animation called The Aristocats was released in 1970. It tells the story of a family of cats owned by an extremely rich retired opera diva. In the film, the mama cat named Duchess and her three kittens named Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse grow up in a very extravagant lifestyle. When Madame decides that her fortune should be bequeathed to her cats until they die, the butler of the house kidnaps them as he wants to speed up his inheritance. An alley cat named Thomas O’Malley helps the adorable family of furballs find their way back home. This musical animated film has a special place in the hearts of many cat lovers even now, and this Texas resident named Shelby Sewell-Lopez is definitely one of those people. When she named a gorgeous white cat in 2018, Shelby decided to name her Duchess because of that. But poor Duchess wasn’t really healthy when she got adopted. She was very weak and had a hernia, and due to a multitude of parasitic infections, her hair was falling out.

These Pets Love Their Toys As Much As You Love Your Stuffed Animals

We all want to spoil our pets with the best stuff, so we make sure that we’re buying the right food, the right bed, and of course, the right toys for them. Well, did you know that pets can also get attached to their toys just like humans do, though? So even if you buy them a new and ‘better’ toy, they may not want to give up their old one. Scientists think that there are a great variety of reasons behind this attachment between animals and their toys. It can be about feeling warm and cozy when they hug them, it can also be that the animals see their toys as their prey. No matter what the actual reason behind their behavior is, though, they just look so adorable when playing with their toys! So today, we are giving you some adorable animals and their inanimate best friends. Check out the gallery below to see them for yourself!

You Won’t Believe How Cute These Maine Coon Kittens Are

Maine Coons are one of the most unique cat breeds out there due to their massive size. They are also very popular amongst cat lovers since they are majestic, fluffy, and have very interesting personality traits that make them stand out. Even though mature Maine Coons are gigantic, they also were tiny babies once and you’ll be surprised how cute these kittens can actually be. Experts aren’t sure about the history of origin when it comes to Maine Coons, but it’s mostly considered that their ancestors came with the ships of 11th century Norsemen. Mature Maine Coon cats can weigh up to 18 lb (8.2kg) and their body length can reach up to 48 in (120 cm). They can live in cold climates thanks to their fur and huge paws. Despite their size, they are very affectionate and it is easy to train them.

This Cat Loves The Beach So Much That She Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Visited One

The photos of this adorable kitty were shared by a woman named Semsema Mahmoud on a group named Travel Secrets Club on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting to see a cat when she visited a beach very recently, but she was pleasantly surprised when she saw this furball enjoying her life at the beach!

This Cat Is So Cute That It Managed To Convert A ‘Dog Person’ Into A Cat Dad

The man in this story, R.J. LaCount, always thought of himself as a ‘dog person’. But this situation changed when he met this charming rescue cat! Since he was a very big animal lover, R.J. grew up surrounded by dogs. When a friend of his showed him a photo of a cat, he started to think about adopting one.

You Have Never Seen Cats This Fluffy Before

If you think you’ve seen enough fluffy cats, please, you can never have enough of them! In this list, we are giving you even more, but we can assure you that you have never seen cats this fluffy before as they are giving the world a whole new meaning with their incredible fluff! It’s even hard to see their paws under that much fur! They are living breathing fluffballs! Check out their photos below to see them for yourself.

You Won’t Believe How Fluffy This Cat Is

Meet Bone Bone. This cat from Thailand is so fluffy that people are having a hard time believing he’s real! We can say that he is an internet celebrity now with his 513k followers on Instagram! Bone Bone is an energetic cat and he loves doing cat things such as playing at the park and tree climbing. He also has a yellow spiky backpack which makes him look like Bowser from Super Mario! Even though you’re probably feeling an urge to pet him right now, we suggest you not to do that since he doesn’t like being pet. Regardless of that, he becomes the center of attention wherever he goes and people always want to take a picture with him. Check out some of this fluffball’s photos below!

These Cute Animals Will Make You Laugh Out Loud With Their Goofiness

Life is never boring when you have a pet around. Animals are surely making our lives way more interesting and bringing us joy with their strange but adorable behaviors. No matter how experienced a pet owner you are, we can guarantee you that your pet will find very creative ways to surprise you and bring a smile to your lips. Since we love seeing goofy animals here, we thought making a gallery of them and sharing it with you is a great idea! Check out the photos below to relax a bit and have a laugh!