These Photos Will Show You That Cats Are Indeed Cheeky Little Monsters

We all agree that cats are absolutely adorable, but they can also be very annoying at times. They love destroying things their owners value, or break every household rule their owners are trying to force upon them. It seems like there’s no in-between when it comes to cats, they can either be little angels or pure evil. 

Despite the troubles they cause us, one thing is for sure: we just love cats. That’s why we put together this gallery of cats who are up to no good for you. You may find some of the situations very relatable if you are a cat owner yourself. Enjoy!

It’s obvious that the dog has nothing on this cat.

This cat seems to decide to share its cone of shame with its owner

‘What? Am I in your way?’

It was not the Grinch, but this cat who stole the Christmas, apparently

‘I don’t understand what’s so important about this screen.’

This cat just got adopted. You can say he’s enjoying his new life pretty well.

Invitation to a disaster

‘Yes, I did it. What are you going to do about it?’

‘Well, I want to sit here and watch outside!’

‘Yeah, you won’t be able to use your WiFi for a few hours because I’m cold.’

He got rid of the other towel to create the perfect spot for himself to snuggle between the other two.

We can say that this cat was definitely jealous of the fish.

‘Don’t move, I’m going to take a nap here.’

‘I swear I didn’t do it!’

This cat named Olivia loves her owner’s pregnancy pillow just as much as she does! Well...maybe even a bit more!

‘Well, you told me that you wanted to change the curtains.’

This cat seems to need the laptop more than its owner does!

‘I wonder what’s going to happen if I pull this cable’

This cat keeps on scratching the couch but using the scratching pole as its throne.

Out of all the places, this cat chooses to pee exactly here!

She seems proud of her artwork.

‘Is this the dog’s bed? Not anymore.’

This owner found her living room in this absolute mess when she woke up to go to work.

Boys will be boys

And you were all thinking cats provide great emotional support, right?

This cat loves giving her neighbor’s a visit every now and then. This time, she also brought food to the table.