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You’ll Love The Photos Of These Animals Who Hates Being Photographed

We all try to master the art of taking selfies. It’s a part of our daily lives now, after all. We have even included our animals in the selfie game. And this turned out to be a brilliant idea since their photos are adorable and very amusing. Some of them, however, not so enthusiastic about their modeling career, to say the least. But, that doesn’t change the fact that their photos are also amazing! In this gallery, we are giving you some of the best examples of those grumpy animals that don’t like selfies. We’re sure that you’re going to love them.

These Cute Photos Of Animals Will Make Your Day Better Today

According to some scientific studies, looking at funny and cute pictures can actually help with the stress and make us feel better in general. Also, they’re always nice to share with your family and friends since you know these types of photos will bring them joy too! So if you’re having a rough day and need a couple of minutes to relax, we suggest you take a look at our gallery below. We guarantee you that you are going to feel better when you reach the end!

These Medieval Paintings Of Cats Licking Their Butts Will Brighten Your Mood Today

When we think of medieval art, we think about paintings of beautiful patterns such as flowers or ivy. Or maybe some other artwork that medieval monks painted to add depth to the words by illustrating a story. Turned out that cats licking their butts were just another thing they enjoyed painting!

These Cats Are So Stunning That They Are Going To Blow Your Mind

We love all cats as each of them is so fluffy and adorable, but there are some cats that are so unique that they manage to stand out. They are so beautiful that they can even think of modeling as a career! Here in this list, we put together 21 examples of the most beautiful cats around the world. Enjoy!

There Are Only Cats Living In This Small “Town”

This town is located in the northern province of Samsun, Turkey and it is built entirely for cats! The facility is also known as ‘cat town’ and it is built within a 10,000-kilometer forest area that can be found within a municipal animal shelter.

Meet The Upgraded Version Of The Grumpy Cat Who Looks Even Grumpier

We all love cats, but they can be very hard to please sometimes. Most cats do enjoy receiving love from humans and they love to be around people, but some of them do it with an attitude. Our beloved ‘Grumpy Cat’ belonged to the latter group, and it seems like his legacy continues!

These Cats Refuse To Sleep In Separate Beds

These are Lili (grey) and Renley (orange). Ever since they were adopted, they are sleeping together in a bed placed on top of a cat condo. 

This Internet Famous Cat's Remains Will Be Sent To Space

This fluffy internet sensation named Lil Bub left our world while she was peacefully sleeping on December 1st and her death left many of her fans teary-eyed. Her unique appearance and life story was an inspiration to millions of people from all around the globe, so the news of her passing away was very heartbreaking and tragic. Lil Bub's family managed to find a way so that the adorable cat can watch over her fans and cats in need of this world from space and she always was a little angel, the idea sounds perfect for her!

These Cute Cats Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We know that the internet is just a tool to search for cat photos for most people. We can’t blame you, in fact, we totally agree with you on that because cats are the most hilarious and adorable creatures on our planet!

This Cat Has A Hilarious Mustache And You Will Absolutely Fall In Love With It

We’ve all seen cats with very unique markings. In fact, each and every cat looks so marvelous with their unique color schemes, spots, and fluffy furs. This British Shorthair cat named Gringo, however, has that perfect cat mustache and it’s absolutely charming!

30 weird cat sculptures all around the world

In our gallery, we have compiled the world's weirdest cat sculptures. Cat lovers will like this gallery a lot!

If You Are A Cat Owner You Should Definitely See These Amazing Cat Patios

Whether or not cats should be confined to the indoors is a neverending argument amongst people all around the globe. While some people argue that keeping your cat indoors is the safest and warmest possible way for your pet to live its best life, others suggest cats are curious by their nature and they always want to explore new things so they should stay outdoors. So how can you actually give your cat the life it deserves? The solution seems to be the cat patios or catios if you will. It's an outdoor enclosure for your cat to enjoy the fun life outside and stay safe at the same time!