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Cats Refusing to Cuddle

It is very hard to guess cat behaviors as they are very independent characters. Although they are fond of cuddling, sometimes they prefer not to. Here are some photos of cats refusing to cuddle

These Cats And Their Heroic Stories Will Prove You That Cats Are Actually Man's Best Friend

Even though most people adore cats, they have a bad reputation for being mostly distant and cold towards us humans. Most people think they are arrogant and selfish animals, but we are determined to break these stereotypes. We are going to give you twenty-four stories just to prove to you we are right, indeed! These stories aren't about goofy cats doing cat things (although those are adorable too), these are the stories of feline heroes that totally deserve some credit. These cats will change your mind entirely if you think cats actually don't care about humans and show you that they are much more than just fluffballs. Read on to learn more about them!

This Guy Quit His Job And Sold Everything He Owned Just To Travel Freely With His Cat

Meet Rich East, the guy who is probably a little too impressed by the story of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. He loves traveling, so one day he decided to quit his job and sell all his possessions to travel around the world freely. He is not completely alone in this journey, though, his cat Willow also accompanies him!

This Internet Famous Cat's Remains Will Be Sent To Space

This fluffy internet sensation named Lil Bub left our world while she was peacefully sleeping on December 1st and her death left many of her fans teary-eyed. Her unique appearance and life story was an inspiration to millions of people from all around the globe, so the news of her passing away was very heartbreaking and tragic. Lil Bub's family managed to find a way so that the adorable cat can watch over her fans and cats in need of this world from space and she always was a little angel, the idea sounds perfect for her!

A New Form of Art: Stuff Placed on Cats

Everybody likes messing around with their cats especially while they are sleeping. Nowadays, there is a new art form of placing random object on sleeping cats and taking their hilarious pictures. You can enjoy the pictures below and have a look at the hashtag #StuffOnMyCat.

Check Out This Gallery Of Hilarious And Relatable Cat Memes If You’re A Cat Owner

Cats are amazing creatures that are giving us joy and the people on the internet can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re most definitely amongst most people’s pet of choice, and if you have a cat, you know that sometimes they tend to blur the lines of a relationship between the owner and the pet. You may find yourself serving your cat a bit too much. So today, we decided to share these hilarious cat memes with you to show you that you’re not the only one having these thoughts. If you can just take a moment, these memes will surely get you in a better mood. Enjoy!

If You Need A Laugh Today, Here Are Some Of The Funniest Cat Memes On The Internet For You

We, cat lovers, mainly use the internet to explore funny cat memes and this has been the case for a very long time. Even the people that are claiming they are not fond of cats find these memes hilarious and they love looking at these silly cats! Cats are very unique creatures and while they mostly look cool and distant, they can be the silliest, most adorable animals in the entire world at times! They are also most definitely our best friends, and you can find yourself enjoying your cat's company more than your human friends (and that's totally okay, don't feel bad about it, we are not going to tell your friends). So here, we have compiled a list of the most hilarious cat memes on the internet just for you! Scroll down and enjoy!

Bridal Cats

Instead of bouquet toss, what about cats? Of course these photos are not real ones, just mad efor some fun. What do you think, are cats better than bouquets?

This Prison In Indiana Uses A Different Method To Change Prisoners’ Lives

There are many studies on how animals help us heal. In fact, their therapeutic powers have been accepted and welcomed by people for a very long time.

These Adorable Cats Will Restore Your Faith In Love And Relationships

You’ve heard the term ‘lovebirds’ before, but we’re here to prove to you that ‘love cats’ have even stronger feelings for each other! Cats are not afraid to show their love to each other and they’re better at that compared to humans. Especially the cats in this list who seem to be hopeless romantics! So if you want to see something really heartwarming today, check out our list of adorable cats that are madly in love!

How This Momma Cat Takes Care Of Her Kitten Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

A Twitter user named Merve Ozcan shared these photos of a momma cat on Twitter recently. In the photos, the cat can be seen bringing her sick kitten to one of Istanbul hospital’s emergency rooms. 

15+ Cats That Are Still Kittens At Heart

Cats are always so cute, fluffy, and good at winning our hearts regardless of their size. Their size only becomes a ‘problem’ when it comes to certain things they want to do, such as fitting into tight spaces and so on. But sometimes cats forget about how much they grow up. They still feel like the kittens they once were. Here in this gallery, you will find 15+ examples of such cats that are completely unaware of their size. Enjoy!