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These Facts About Norwegian Forest Cats Will Absolutely Baffle You

Norwegian Forest cats are amongst the most graceful and stunning felines on our planet. They are especially popular in Nordic countries such as Sweden, Iceland, Norway, but there are also other countries such as France that are absolutely in love with them and it’s not really hard to see why.

If These Goofy Cats Can’t Make You Laugh, We Don’t Know What Can

People usually think of cats as very intelligent and sly creatures. We tend to forget that they can also be very silly, but still adorable. Their over-the-top attitude makes them even funnier during these moments! So, today we are presenting you with some of the most adorable and silliest cats who forgot about their beautiful and elegant nature. Scroll down to see their awesome photos for yourself!

People On The Internet Are Wondering Why Cats Actually Enjoy Sitting Like A Loaf Of Bread

We know you think your cat looks absolutely adorable when it is sitting like a loaf of bread. We think the same thing as well! If you don’t know what we mean, well, “loafing” occurs when a cat sits with all its limbs tucked underneath its body. And that is absolutely a sight to see!

These Cat Posts Will Help You Have A Better Day Today

Working from home can be great in many aspects, but it's also great because you get to spend a lot more time with your cat! At the moment most of us are working from our homes, and if you need a break from your work and can't get enough of funny and adorable cats like us, our list is definitely perfect for you. You can even take a look at these hilarious photos with your cats...or maybe don't since he can get a bit jealous. Either way, this gallery is guaranteed to brighten your day!

You Won’t Believe How Fluffy This Cat Is

Meet Bone Bone. This cat from Thailand is so fluffy that people are having a hard time believing he’s real! We can say that he is an internet celebrity now with his 513k followers on Instagram! Bone Bone is an energetic cat and he loves doing cat things such as playing at the park and tree climbing. He also has a yellow spiky backpack which makes him look like Bowser from Super Mario! Even though you’re probably feeling an urge to pet him right now, we suggest you not to do that since he doesn’t like being pet. Regardless of that, he becomes the center of attention wherever he goes and people always want to take a picture with him. Check out some of this fluffball’s photos below!

These Kittens That Snuggle Up With Their Rescuer After A Storm Will Wam Your Heart

This family of kittens was brought in by the Animal Welfare League Of Arlington (AWLA).

You Will Love The Adventures Of Gary The Mountaineering Rescue Cat

This fluffball is Gary and he is basically a celebrity on Instagram now! And rightfully so, we must say, since he definitely has one of the most entertaining accounts out there. What makes him different from other cats is that this cat is a true adventurer as he loves hiking, mountaineering, and paddling!

These Photos Will Prove You That Cats Are The Cutest Creatures On Our Planet

Are u ready?


The horror of when you sit down and hear a screech

This Cat Loves The Beach So Much That She Couldn’t Stop Smiling When She Visited One

The photos of this adorable kitty were shared by a woman named Semsema Mahmoud on a group named Travel Secrets Club on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting to see a cat when she visited a beach very recently, but she was pleasantly surprised when she saw this furball enjoying her life at the beach!

These Pets Love Their Toys As Much As You Love Your Stuffed Animals

We all want to spoil our pets with the best stuff, so we make sure that we’re buying the right food, the right bed, and of course, the right toys for them. Well, did you know that pets can also get attached to their toys just like humans do, though? So even if you buy them a new and ‘better’ toy, they may not want to give up their old one. Scientists think that there are a great variety of reasons behind this attachment between animals and their toys. It can be about feeling warm and cozy when they hug them, it can also be that the animals see their toys as their prey. No matter what the actual reason behind their behavior is, though, they just look so adorable when playing with their toys! So today, we are giving you some adorable animals and their inanimate best friends. Check out the gallery below to see them for yourself!

Ollie The Polite Kitty Is Here To Win Your Hearts

Back in June this year, this adorable kitty named Ollie appeared on a humor website. The original post included him in the screenshot of a fake text message conversation. In the screenshot, a landlord can be seen telling his tenant that he cannot have any pets in his apartment as per his lease. The tenant sends a picture of Ollie and his charming smile, and the landlord falls in love and makes an exception only for this time because Ollie is just cute beyond words. Since the internet is obsessed with memes and people have a keen eye for meme material, Ollie became an internet sensation after this fake text screenshot almost overnight! Scroll down to enjoy some of these hilarious memes for yourself!