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This Rescued Cat Is So Happy That She Just Can’t Stop Smiling

When her future mom saw Rey the first time at the shelter, she instantly fell in love with the cute cat. Ever since she found a new family, Rey hasn’t stopped smiling even once!

These Photos Will Show You That Cats Are Indeed Cheeky Little Monster

We all agree that cats are absolutely adorable, but they can also be very annoying at times. They love destroying things their owners value, or break every household rule their owners are trying to force upon them. It seems like there’s no in-between when it comes to cats, they can either be little angels or pure evil. Despite the troubles they cause us, one thing is for sure: we just love cats. That’s why we put together this gallery of cats who are up to no good for you. You may find some of the situations very relatable if you are a cat owner yourself. Enjoy!

The Cat Towers This Guy Builds Are So Extravagant And Cute That Every Cat Owner Needs One

As you already know, cats are great when it comes to climbing and they enjoy being in high places. You can find your cat at the top of a shelf, or on top of your wardrobe staring at you with great confidence. So, this guy named Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut decided to build really extravagant and elaborate towers for cats. His cats absolutely love them and these towers bring them too much happiness and fun, so to say.

If You Need A Laugh Today, Here Are Some Of The Funniest Cat Memes On The Internet For You

We, cat lovers, mainly use the internet to explore funny cat memes and this has been the case for a very long time. Even the people that are claiming they are not fond of cats find these memes hilarious and they love looking at these silly cats! Cats are very unique creatures and while they mostly look cool and distant, they can be the silliest, most adorable animals in the entire world at times! They are also most definitely our best friends, and you can find yourself enjoying your cat's company more than your human friends (and that's totally okay, don't feel bad about it, we are not going to tell your friends). So here, we have compiled a list of the most hilarious cat memes on the internet just for you! Scroll down and enjoy!

People On The Internet Are Wondering Why Cats Actually Enjoy Sitting Like A Loaf Of Bread

We know you think your cat looks absolutely adorable when it is sitting like a loaf of bread. We think the same thing as well! If you don’t know what we mean, well, “loafing” occurs when a cat sits with all its limbs tucked underneath its body. And that is absolutely a sight to see!

These Cats Are The Definition Of A Troublemaker And They Are Very Unapologetic About It

Cats definitely do bring joy to our lives. There are even many studies that show their health benefits to us! However, we may find ourselves in situations that require high tolerance to their shenanigans from time to time. Cats are very intelligent creatures, but they are also sassy and brave too so they are always up for causing mischief! That, however, doesn't stop us from being so obsessed with them, and that's only natural since they are one of the most adorable creatures in the entire world! Some cat owners though, seem to have chosen to publicly shame their cats for the outrageous things they have done, and the results are absolutely hilarious. Check out our gallery below to see more of these delightfully naughty cats!

These Cats And Their Heroic Stories Will Prove You That Cats Are Actually Man's Best Friend

Even though most people adore cats, they have a bad reputation for being mostly distant and cold towards us humans. Most people think they are arrogant and selfish animals, but we are determined to break these stereotypes. We are going to give you twenty-four stories just to prove to you we are right, indeed! These stories aren't about goofy cats doing cat things (although those are adorable too), these are the stories of feline heroes that totally deserve some credit. These cats will change your mind entirely if you think cats actually don't care about humans and show you that they are much more than just fluffballs. Read on to learn more about them!

This Charming Kitten’s Fur Is Changing Color

This gorgeous kitten named Janie was found all alone on a hot sidewalk when she was not even a day old. When she was brought to Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue, they exactly knew how to take care of the kitten. According to their founder, Mellissa, “The people who found this poor kitten told me that she was screaming at the top of her tiny lungs. As she was left in the full sun, there were some pretty bad burns on her back paws.”

These Photos Will Prove You That All Cats Are The Same Regardless Of Their Size

When we think of big cats we often imagine them as scary predators. While they can be wild and ferocious too, big cats are also playful and fluffy just like their domestic versions! They can go back to their kitten times from time to time and the results are absolutely adorable! Here in this list, you’re going to find some examples of big cats acting just like house cats and we guarantee you that after seeing these photos, you’ll want to have one as a pet! Scroll down and enjoy our gallery!

These Cats Are So Full Of Love That They Are Going To Change Your Opinions On Cats

A lot of people think cats are very cold and independent, and they don’t show their feelings as dogs do, but in reality, they have the same emotions as humans, and sometimes they can actually experience these emotions way more intensely compared to us. You can never see a cat abandoning the ones that are in need of help and they always show empathy towards strangers.

You Will Love The Adventures Of Gary The Mountaineering Rescue Cat

This fluffball is Gary and he is basically a celebrity on Instagram now! And rightfully so, we must say, since he definitely has one of the most entertaining accounts out there. What makes him different from other cats is that this cat is a true adventurer as he loves hiking, mountaineering, and paddling!

These Photos Will Prove You That Cats Are The Cutest Creatures On Our Planet

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