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Meet The Real-Life Aristocats Duchess And Her Kittens

Disney’s beloved animation called The Aristocats was released in 1970. It tells the story of a family of cats owned by an extremely rich retired opera diva. In the film, the mama cat named Duchess and her three kittens named Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse grow up in a very extravagant lifestyle. When Madame decides that her fortune should be bequeathed to her cats until they die, the butler of the house kidnaps them as he wants to speed up his inheritance. An alley cat named Thomas O’Malley helps the adorable family of furballs find their way back home. This musical animated film has a special place in the hearts of many cat lovers even now, and this Texas resident named Shelby Sewell-Lopez is definitely one of those people. When she named a gorgeous white cat in 2018, Shelby decided to name her Duchess because of that. But poor Duchess wasn’t really healthy when she got adopted. She was very weak and had a hernia, and due to a multitude of parasitic infections, her hair was falling out.

These Cats Refuse To Sleep In Separate Beds

These are Lili (grey) and Renley (orange). Ever since they were adopted, they are sleeping together in a bed placed on top of a cat condo. 

You Should Definitely Adopt A Senior Pet, And Here’s Why

We can’t deny that pets are brightening our lives. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling to have an animal companion with you to spend your love and life with. However, most people choose to adopt a younger animal such as a kitten or a puppy when they decide to get a pet. Here’s the thing, though, there actually are a lot of benefits of adopting an old animal. Yes, we know it’s a great thing to get a baby and see it grow and mature with you and your family, however, adopting a senior animal can be a wiser decision.

This Cat Has Eyebrows And She Looks Hilarious

This calico cat is named Lilly and she looks like she’s judging her owner all the time due to her funny-looking eyebrows.

This Guy Found A Scared Kitten Under A Truck And Became Her Hero

When Redditor JustAnotherGoodGuy found a scared kitten clinging to a truck near his office, he couldn’t just leave her to die there. According to the Redditor, “the mother cat ran off and left this kitten behind. I haven’t seen any other kittens around this one.” After he found the poor cat, the man sent a text to his wife asking if he could bring her home. His wife immediately said yes, as the kitten was too cute to be left outside. They immediately took the cat to the vet. “That’s how we learned it was a female cat. She got shots and a full care package. Turned out that she was only 4-5 weeks old when we found her.” “Axel quickly managed to adapt to the home environment. Immediately became friends with our 19-year-old cat and 2-year-old dog. She now has a loving home and a cozy space to live.” said the couple.

This Unique Looking Playful Cat Named Ikiru Will Win Your Heart

To be perfectly honest, words cannot describe how charming this little guy named Ikiru is! He has 124k followers on Instagram, and we’re sure that you’re going to be one of his fans too after seeing his photos. He is cross-eyed and he has a tiny pink tongue which makes him all the more adorable! His owners saw him on a breeder’s website and they immediately fell in love with his cute face! Once they made Ikiru a part of their family, Emma and Rich decided to start an Instagram page for this cute fella to showcase his daily life to the people of the internet.

Avoid These Names If You Want To Give Your Black Cat A Unique Name

Naming anything, be it a pet, a stuffed animal, or a child (actually this must be the hardest!) can be very challenging. You need to choose a name that reflects their personality and unique features; it’d be ridiculous to call a timid, calm cat “Panther”, for example. We usually let our children name the pet of the house though, and their vocabulary can be kind of limited, to be perfectly honest. They usually want to give weird names to their pets, so maybe cliche names are actually better than those!

These Cute Cats Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We know that the internet is just a tool to search for cat photos for most people. We can’t blame you, in fact, we totally agree with you on that because cats are the most hilarious and adorable creatures on our planet!

These Stunning Photos Of Maine Coons Will Totally Amaze You

Have you ever heard of a cat breed named Maine Coon before? If you enjoy big cats, but we mean REALLY big domestic cats, then we definitely recommend you to check them out! Maine Coons are absolutely majestic cats and they’re loved worldwide due to their unique features and massive size. 

These Cats And Their Twins Are Just So Charming

What’s better than a cat? The answer is two cats, obviously! We put together a gallery of cute cats with their mini versions just for you. Scroll down, and enjoy their photos!

These Kittens Have Very Human-Like Faces And They Are Definitely So Unique

Meet this fluffy Maine Coon cat named Valkyrie. When she went viral in the summer of 2018 due to her unique facial features, she was the only kitten with a human face that we knew of, but now she is not the only human-faced cat in her home!

Meet Pickley, The Cat With The Greenest Eyes You've Ever Seen

This adorable cat named Pickley has quite a following on Instagram, and it's not hard to guess why after you see his mesmerizing green eyes. He is a Russian Blue cat and he is going to turn 3 years old in April. He was featured on ESPN and gained some notoriety since he was showing off his impeccable athletic skills while jumping for a toy in slow motion. But he was already Instagram famous before this little show, and once you see his eyes, we're sure you will want to see more of him too! Read on if you want to know more about Pickley and his story! We guarantee you that this cat will make you fall in love with him as well!