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This Kitten Who Has Two Heads Meows From Both Mouths And It’s Absolutely Mindblowing

Nature never ceases to amaze us, and today we are giving you yet another example of how full of incredible creatures it actually can be! This kitty from Perth, Australia named Quasimodo was born with two heads! Since the momma cat was having labor complications, the delivery process was made via surgery by a skilled local veterinarian, however, they weren’t expecting what they saw at all when the baby finally was born. One of the nurses that was present in the delivery room that day later told that everyone in the room was totally shocked because while the occasional extra tail or leg is not unheard of, an extra head was definitely something new!

Funny Cats World Daily Pics ( 13 PICS ) 28.08.2023

 Cats are such funny creatures. No wonder people look at funny cat photos when they’re having a bad day.  13 Funny Cat Photos To Make Your Day Better Gününüzü Daha İyi Hale Getirecek 13 Komik Kedi Fotoğrafı

You Should Actually Keep Your Cat Indoors And Here Is Why

It seems like whether or not you should keep your cat indoors has been an ongoing debate among cat owners since cats and humans started to live together. But it seems like, it has finally come to an end. According to this research, cats should stay indoors. The cats that spend a majority of their time outside are three times more at risk to get infected by pathogens or parasites than those who spend their time indoors, they wrote in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters. There’s also the risk of these cats transferring some of those parasites and pathogens to humans, they added.

This Old Man Who Has Dementia Was Given A Robotic Cat By His Family Since A Real One Wasn’t An Option

Cheryl Yates is a woman from Ontario, Canada, who has an 88-year-old father that is suffering from dementia. Since Cheryl wanted to help her dad, she decided to join forces with her family to find a way to do so. Her father Bob is unfortunately at the last stages of dementia. He is a true cat lover and he has always had a fondness for cats throughout his entire life. He took care of nine cats before. At one stage of dementia, he started to ask for his cats very frequently. Since he is restricted to a hospital bed, it’s not possible for him to take care of a real cat.

Stray Cat With A Unique Face Manages To Win Her Rescuer’s Heart And She Will Win Yours Too

This truly unique looking kitten was found at a construction site by a woman. When she was found, she begged the woman to keep her, and she couldn’t bring herself to leave the kitty behind. That’s how this kitty became Lily The Rorschach Cat!

Rescued Puma living As A Pet

A couple rescues and adopts a puma from a zoo. Sergey and Marina who are both 32 like living with the puma in Moscow. They decided to adopt the puma when they learnt that the puma would be put down due to economic reasons. At first, the puma could not adapt to the home environment and didn’t let the couple to touch it. However, a mutual trust developed between them and not they get along quite well. They even cuddle while sleeping. Here are the cute photos of this interesting pet.

These Hilarious Animal Memes Will Definitely Make You Laugh Out Loud

We love memes as they’re relatable and they can explain everyday situations way better than words. We also love animals because...well, they are adorable! So, when you mix these two together what you get is a guaranteed fun time. 

This Charming Kitten’s Fur Is Changing Color

This gorgeous kitten named Janie was found all alone on a hot sidewalk when she was not even a day old. When she was brought to Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue, they exactly knew how to take care of the kitten. According to their founder, Mellissa, “The people who found this poor kitten told me that she was screaming at the top of her tiny lungs. As she was left in the full sun, there were some pretty bad burns on her back paws.”

The Colors Of This Cat Will Blow Your Mind

The gorgeous creature you’re going to see in this gallery is called a genetic chimera cat. They are rare natural occurrences where an individual is made up of cells from two or more different original eggs. They fuse together to create a single organism whose DNA is from two entirely different individuals. This cat named Quimera might also be a mosaic, which is really common in felines, and it occurs when only one individual egg just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. We still need DNA testing for a certain answer, though. Regardless, the cat is absolutely gorgeous!

This Adorable Chonker From Russia And His Brilliant Photos In The Snow Will Brighten Your Mood Today

To be honest, everything wasn’t perfect right from the start for this cute cat from Russia. The poor thing had been living on the streets, fighting for all the food he could find, and finding shelter wherever he could. “We came across him around the entrance of our house,” said the cat’s current owners. “He looked like he didn’t have the necessary skills to survive outside, so we assumed he was a house cat. He would just sit at the same spot for long periods of time.” The family tried all they could to find the cat’s owners but no one showed up so they decided to take him in.

These Ultra Charming Cats Will Help You Get You Through The Day

Most people find cats therapeutic, they are just the perfect companions imaginable for a lot of us. Even their existence is enough to lift up someone's mood, but mostly they will only respond to your loving gestures and affection when they feel like it, and that may be rarer than you think. Despite all this, we love them dearly, and even a tiny reaction from them is more than enough to drive us absolutely crazy. We just have a complicated relationship with cats, we admit. So, we have prepared this list for you fellow cat lovers. You're going to find everything you love about cats and even more! Check these adorable and fluffy felines for yourselves below!

This Canadian Bookstore Is Full Of Cats And Customers Can Even Adopt Them

If you’re in Canada and you want to adopt a cute feline companion, animal shelters aren’t your only option. You can also try this bookstore! This bookstore named Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee is located just outside of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the staff is trying their best to encourage people to adopt pets instead of buying them. It’s impossible to notice that the store is full of cute kitties when you’re browsing for something to read or having a cup of coffee!