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This Kitten’s Sleeping Position Will Make You Say ‘Aww’

We have a special fondness when it comes to sleeping cats since cats can sleep anytime anywhere and usually in very ludicrous positions. 

These Cats Have Hilarious Resemblances To Other Things

Cats are adorable, they are fluffy, their bodies are super flexible, they have gorgeous eyes...These are some facts we all know about cats. But do you also know they are great when it comes to shape-shifting too? If you’re wondering what we mean by that, well...Have you ever looked at a cat and said something like “Oh, look at its expression! 

Meet Smoothie, The World’s Most Photogenic Cat

This is Smoothie, a British longhair cat who is living with her owner, Arvid von Boekel in the Netherlands. This beautiful cat has an Instagram account and unsurprisingly she has quite a fanbase! We can say she has a bright future in modeling. Just check out her photos below to see them for yourself!

This Cat Named Panda Has Vitiligo Markings And His Unique Look Will Surprise You

This is Panda the Cat! He’s given this name since his vitiligo markings make him look like an inverted panda. He is very social and he loves giving people special greetings.

This Mother Cat’s Bittersweet Story Will Make You Cry

This sick tiny kitten was taken to the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) and no one was expecting it to survive...until this mama cat named Ember showed up and saved his life.

This Dragon And Cat’s Unusual Friendship Will Get You Shocked

This is Charles the female bearded dragon and Baby the cat. Despite being very different species, they have a very strong and unusual bond. Normally, you would expect Baby to harm Charles, but instead, he gives her cuddles! Charles is also showing support to Baby when he’s scared of thunder. They cuddle together to relax. When they’re not snuggling up, you can see them play together or staring out the window. Even though Charles stole Baby’s bed once, they manage to get along just fine and they’re the absolute best friends!

Meet Cashnip Kitty, The Office Cat That's Been Snatching Money From Passersby

It’s easy to say this office cat has a unique talent. He snatches money from people! While other cats enjoy catnip, he has a strong fondness for cash. He takes money from passersby and uses it for something that actually matters. So, this is the story of CASHnip Kitty.

Adorable Photos Of Cats Who Chose Their Owners Themselves

If you want to be a cat owner, there are a couple of ways that you can choose from. You can buy one from the breeders, you can visit a pet shop, you can adopt one from an animal shelter, or if you’re lucky, you can even get one as a gift! But sometimes a very special thing happens and the cat chooses you as ‘the one’. Here is a gallery of cats honoring the humans as their caretakers. Enjoy!

Every Day Is Halloween For This Charming Cat

Lisa Shaffer is a bibliographic services assistant working for Centre County Library in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. 

If You Love Extremely Tiny Cats, You’re Going To Be Obsessed With This Online Community

If you don’t like cats, well, shame on you! And actually how dare you? They’re incredibly cute! But there’s one other animal that’s even more adorable than a cat: a kitten! And today, we’re going to give you the photos of some of the most adorable ones you can find online. There’s this subreddit named Illegally Smol Cats, and the online community has 391,000 members sharing adorable pictures of tiny kittens. It even says “It should be illegal to be that cute,” in the description section of this online group. And we absolutely agree. So without further ado, we invite you to check out the heartwarming and sweet collection of kitten photos we put together for you in the gallery below. We’re sure they’re going tı make you say ‘Aww’ and you’re going to have a better day after seeing them!

Cat Owners Are Posting Photos Of Their Malfunctioning Cats To This Online Group And They Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

We love cats, they’re adorable and they are making our lives undeniably better. But we need to admit, it’s just impossible to understand cat logic. We’re used to it, though, so we don’t even try to understand why our cats are acting so strange every now and then, but we’re still curious as to why. There are a lot of books written by feline behavior specialists to make us see the world through our cats’ eyes and understand their bizarre behaviors better, but they also seem to fall short when it comes to practice. Cats still have a lot of quirks that we can’t exactly wrap our heads around such as cat crazes, the cat sits, the way they start to get super energetic for no apparent reason in the middle of the night, etc. But now, we have this subreddit called “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” and cat owners can share the pictures of their cats while trying to find some answers to their questions about the behaviors of their cats. Also, the photos they share are perfect laughing materials, so we’re truly glad they’re sharing these since we get to see both adorable and hilarious cats! Because a world without cats would be so boring and lifeless. So without further ado, let’s take a look at this compilation of weird cats we gathered together for you below.

15+ Cats That Are Still Kittens At Heart

Cats are always so cute, fluffy, and good at winning our hearts regardless of their size. Their size only becomes a ‘problem’ when it comes to certain things they want to do, such as fitting into tight spaces and so on. But sometimes cats forget about how much they grow up. They still feel like the kittens they once were. Here in this gallery, you will find 15+ examples of such cats that are completely unaware of their size. Enjoy!