Meet The Upgraded Version Of The Grumpy Cat Who Looks Even Grumpier

We all love cats, but they can be very hard to please sometimes. Most cats do enjoy receiving love from humans and they love to be around people, but some of them do it with an attitude. Our beloved ‘Grumpy Cat’ belonged to the latter group, and it seems like his legacy continues!

This is Meow Meow, the new grumpy cat! She lives with her owner Clare, in Taiwan. Clare immediately fell in love with her when she saw her at a vet clinic, and she says that even though Meow Meow seems to hate everything, she actually has a kind heart and a good soul.

According to Clare, Meow Meow was abandoned by her former owner for some reason. Her past owner must be sad now, though, as they never got the chance to know her personality well enough.

Despite her grumpy face, Meow Meow adores her owner! She gives her a massage like cats do every morning and demands food in her own adorable way. She is very picky when it comes to food, however. There’s only one type of canned food she likes even though she has tried several others before.

Don’t be fooled by her appearance, Meow Meow is actually a very affectionate cat. If it wasn’t for her expression, she would be found adorable by everyone.

She spends most of her time sitting at her favorite spot by the window. The smart kitty even knows how to draw the curtains to get a better view of the outside world!

Despite her irritable look, Meow Meow loves to be petted, so don’t hesitate to pet her if you ever get the chance.

Don't you think she's adorable, though?