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This Charming Kitten’s Fur Is Changing Color

This gorgeous kitten named Janie was found all alone on a hot sidewalk when she was not even a day old. When she was brought to Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue, they exactly knew how to take care of the kitten. According to their founder, Mellissa, “The people who found this poor kitten told me that she was screaming at the top of her tiny lungs. As she was left in the full sun, there were some pretty bad burns on her back paws.”

These Super Fluffy Rescued Kittens Are Helping The Organization That Saved Them Before Starting Their New Lives

Life was not always easy for these two adorable fluffballs. Thanks to an animal rescue organization in Arizona, however, they turned out to be these gorgeous furbabies. These neonatal kittens were found on the streets and brought to a safe environment. While we’re happy about the fact that they were saved, it would be much better if there were no poor cats living on the streets.

The Only Survivor Amongst A Litter Of Four Kittens Is On The Path To Recovery At Montana Animal Clinic

These stories are truly heartbreaking but once again, a family of four kittens was abandoned on the side of the road in a cardboard box. They were found in Helena, Montana, but by the time they were found, it was already too late for some of the kittens. Three out of four kittens ended up dying.

These Photos Will Prove You That Animals Are Much Better Than Us When It Comes To Expressing Their Love

Human, or non-human, all the creatures living on this planet need love and affection. It’s the only thing that can make the world a better place, and we would be absolutely miserable without it. Humans, however, can be deceiving even when it comes to showing their emotions. We have the ability to fake our emotions or hide them which is a curse rather than a blessing. When it comes to animals, though, they are much more genuine compared to us. They show their love in their own adorable ways, without any restrictions or fakeness. They are also capable of forming loving couples and being in long-standing relationships. In this list, we are going to give you some heartwarming photos of animal couples and we’re sure you’re going to have a better day after seeing these. Enjoy!

If You Think Cats Can’t Bond With People Like Dogs Do, This Gallery Will Prove You Otherwise

Cats have a bad reputation for being easily irritable, cold, and distant. That’s why most people prefer dogs as pets rather than cats. However, according to scientists at Oregon State University, cats, very much like dogs, can also have a strong connection with humans. Don’t be fooled by their distant and indifferent looks, they love us as children love their parents! If you need further proof, we are here to give that to you! Here in this list, you are going to find some of the most loving and affectionate cats in the whole world. We are sure they’re going to melt your heart! Scroll down and enjoy our gallery!

This Poor Havana Cat Rescued By A Shelter Had Been Mistreated Badly For Years

This cat’s story began when a group of cats was rescued and taken to Five Acres Animal Shelter in Missouri a year ago. The staff there were more than surprised when they found out this cat is actually a rare breed called the Havana Brown.

The Unique Fur Markings Of These Cats Will Blow Your Mind

All cats are unique in their own way, but for some, it’s easier to stand out just because of their crazy fur markings! Here in this list, we compiled 10+ kitties with very interesting patterns, and we guarantee you that they are going to blow your mind. Scroll down, and enjoy our list!

These Cats Adore Their Owners And Their Photos Will Warm Your Heart

Cats are very different than dogs when it comes to character traits. They love spending their time alone, thus most people think they are independent, distant, and cold. Unlike dogs who are always up for cuddling, you can cuddle your cat only when it wants to cuddle. However, there are moments they can be very sweet and affectionate and they are even better than humans when it comes to showing their emotions! If you don’t believe us, and still need further proof, our list will provide you just that! Here are 25 pictures of cats who adore their humans and their cuteness will absolutely warm your heart. Scroll down and enjoy the rest!

These Hilarious And Adorable Pictures Of Cats Will Brighten Your Mood Today

We love cats and we simply can’t get enough of them! While cats aren’t aware of their social media fame, their owners keep sharing their cats’ adorable pictures on the internet and we’re glad they do since they always make us feel better and put a smile on our faces. If you are a cat lover just like us, you’ll absolutely love our list here. Scroll down and see these adorable cat pictures for yourself to feel a bit better for the rest of your day.

10+ Cats That Think They Are Plants

If you are a cat owner, you probably already noticed your cats have a thing for plant pots and they really enjoy spending their time laying in them! But if you didn’t know about this fact before, our list here will be very amusing for you! Here in this list, we are going to give you 10+ examples of cats who think of themselves as plants while having their best lives in plant pots. Please be careful the next time you decide to water your plants and scroll down to enjoy our list!

These Adorable Cats And Their Mini Versions Will Make You Say ‘Aww’

What’s better than a cat? Two cats, obviously!

This Puma Is Living His Life As A House Cat

Meet Messi. What makes Messi different from other ‘big cats’ is that this Puma is living his life as a domestic house cat! He and his other siblings, Neymar and Suarez, were born at the zoo. They were named after famous international football players as a way to celebrate the Russian city hosting four matches in the group stages of the World Cup. Poor Messi was sold to the Saransk Zoo when he was a baby but he suffered from health problems there.