Turns Out That Cats Give Messages To Their Owners With Their Abnormal Behaviors

We accept dogs as man’s best friends, but in reality, we should give more credit to the cats as well. Many cat owners will tell you their pets are just as loyal as any other pet can be but in their own special way. One thing is for sure, though, it’s not easy to understand cats and their behaviors. We can say they also try to communicate with their owners and other people around but these behaviors aren’t really easy to read more often than not. Here in this list, though, we are giving you some tips and tricks about your cat’s behaviors and what they might mean. Read on to understand your pet better!

Sometimes blinking means a lot. Cats can act very distant, so there’s nothing weird about your pet lounging alone and checking the entire room. But if your furry friend stares at you and starts blinking slowly, that means he’s trying to give you a message.

Blinking slowly is actually a sign of love and comfort, so if your cat does that, just know that he is very happy indeed!

The sweet purring We all know that cats purr when they feel happy and comfortable. But there’s also another meaning behind their purring which you may not have heard of before.

Your cat purrs only for you. You can’t hear cats purr when they are communicating with the other cats. So, they are actually trying to tell you that they are very happy!

Weird gurgling sound Aside from purring and meowing your cat can also make a high-pitched gurgling sound from time to time. If you haven’t heard it before, it may sound kind of concerning to you, but fear not, it’s just another method your cat uses to communicate with you.

Even though it may sound weird, this sound actually is a positive sign since cats use it to tell you that they are feeling cheerful and social. It just indicates that your cat is trying to have some quality time with you!

Your cat can headbutt you sometimes! If you are a cat owner you’ve probably experienced this when you are in the middle of something and your cat suddenly runs towards you and headbutts you. Even though this looks kind of aggressive, it’s actually a sign of affection!

Cats tend to mark their territory by using the scent glands on their heads, so your cat is only trying to tell you that you are his person! Isn’t it just adorable?

They also love nibbling. Cats are predators, so as you would expect, their teeth are very sharp. You wouldn’t expect their nibbles to be positive signs, but...they actually are!

We are not talking about really aggressive bites here, however. But if your cat nibbles you slightly, that means he loves you!

Now, we need to talk about their tongues. Now that we have covered the nibbles, we need to tell you what your cat is trying to tell you with his scratchy tongue.

You’ve probably seen animals grooming each other before, such as apes. When your cat licks you, he does so because he wants to groom you! He thinks of you as a part of his family and just wants you to look good!

Time for belly rubs! If you see your cat laying down on his back, it’s not because of laziness.

By exposing his belly to you, your cat tries to say he trusts you completely! Bellies are their ‘soft spots’ and they don’t expose that part of their bodies to the people they don’t trust, so feel special!

You should pay attention to their tails as well! We’re not saying you should touch it, though, in fact, please don’t do that! Just be aware that your cat uses his tail to communicate, too!

Cats don’t wag their tails like dogs do, but instead, they just flick their tails back and forth to show they are happy. If they’re feeling especially full of love towards you, they can even curl their tails around you like a hug!

They love giving gifts. Well, you probably know that if you are a cat owner. And yes, your cat may not be the best when it comes to choosing gifts for you since his choices usually are dead mice, or birds, or his favorite toy.

While this is obviously a sign of affection, it also means that your cat trusts you since cats bring their prey to a place where they can feel safe. By leaving their prey near you, they are trying to tell you that they trust you that you won’t steal what’s theirs.

They basically spy on you and be your shadow around the house! Cats don’t play games with you like dogs do, but they follow their owners anywhere around the house like a little shadow!

That’s just another way for them to show their love to you.

Let’s talk about their habit of kneading. Cats have this tendency to press their cute paws into you, but this is actually much more than a mere habit. It’s a way to tell you something important about your relationship!

Who is smarter? A cat or a dog? If you’ve ever wondered about this question, we only have this to say to you: Cats have 300 million neurons in their brains, while dogs have 160 million. To be honest, a cat’s brain is thought to be very similar to a human’s brain!

Cats and their tools of survival Did you know that cats’ whiskers can detect movement and distances by the air’s vibration? They also help with their survival outdoors, as you can guess.

The relationship between cats and catnip So why do cats even like catnip? The thing is, cats naturally have the scent of catnip bound to their nasal passages, so when they sniff catnip, it stimulates the sensory receptors in their brains- and makes them act goofy!

Cats do love sleeping! We all know that cats spend the majority of daytime sleeping. On average, they sleep 12-16 hours a day!

Cats and the issue of dominant paws! Did you know that cats also have a dominant paw just like humans do? Turns out, female cats mostly use their right paws while males use their left. We are not sure if cats also have this ‘right brain, left brain’ thing, though.

Some cats can even change their color! Yes, you read that right! Maybe not in the way you’re expecting, however. For example, Siamese cats have a gene modifier that actually makes them albino, but when they’re exposed to high temperatures, some parts of their fur turn gray or even black!

Here’s a trick for you if you want to keep your cat away from your dinner table. If your cat insists on climbing up the dinner table, you can try spraying it with lemon water. Cats are picky eaters and they are particularly sensitive when it comes to bitter or citrusy flavors, so they will just avoid the lemon spray.

Cats do care about their hygiene. In fact, they spend 30-50% of the day cleaning themselves! They do that by grooming themselves and licking themselves obviously and this improves their circulation and prevents any unwanted odors.

Cats’ purring has therapeutic effects. Not only they help you feel calmer, but also cats purr to heal themselves and purring can even help them heal problems with their bones and tissues!

They are not open to changes as much as you think. You should be careful if you are planning a major lifestyle change with your cat. According to some studies, even small changes in their routine can actually negatively impact your cat’s immune system and make him sick.

Cats and their weird bodies People believe cats have 9 lives and most of the time, that does seem like the truth. Cats have something called a “straightening reflex”, which means they have some small balancing organs in their ears that help them figure out when they’ll hit the ground and how to land on their feet.

They hide at night! Cats are nocturnal but they also take naps at night time too. They, however, choose spots that are high or very hidden during the night in order to protect themselves from the predators.

You’re allergic to cats? Well, a cat may be allergic to you too! According to some statistics, roughly 1 in 200 cats suffers from asthma because of their dusty and dirty living conditions. Fortunately, there are also inhalers available for cats.

That scary, high-pitched shriek, though! If you’ve accidentally hurt your cat, you’re probably familiar with that shriek we are talking about. They can actually look quite scary at that moment, and this shows they revert right back to the wild ways of their ancestors when they feel threatened.

Their noses are more complex than you initially thought! We, humans, have unique fingerprints, and cats’ noses are very similar to our fingerprints in that sense!

They can produce 100 different sounds! And you were thinking your cat can only meow and purr, right? While dogs can only produce about 10 sounds, cats can produce 10 times more sounds! They are definitely smarter, aren’t they?

Cats and their brilliant eyes Cats need way less light (approximately 7 times less) than humans to see, particularly during the daytime. That’s why some cats prefer to be in dimly-lit places. Since they can see their surroundings more easily during the night time, they are also more active.

Cats and their liquid bodies Cats have extremely flexible bodies and the reason behind their flexibility is that they are born without clavicles, so they don’t need to worry about bulky bones restricting their movement.

Your cat can’t communicate with other cats in the way he communicates with you. That means your cat develops a ‘secret’ language with you, and they can’t share that with any other cats living in the same household. So, their relationship just stays at the acquaintance level!