If You Think Your Cat Is Funny, Wait Until You See These Goofy Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are truly magnificent creatures. They are gigantic for a domestic cat and they have Viking blood in their veins, so the fact that they’re so majestic is not really unexpected. However, despite their elegance and mystical aura, they are just cats just like any other cat breed.

 Thus, they tend to look even more hilarious when they get caught up in funny cat situations. If you don’t believe us, check out this gallery we put together for you. We are sure your opinions will drastically change after you see them doing silly stuff that you haven’t even imagined they could before!

This is how a Maine Coon sleeps in comparison to other normal cats.

One of these Maine Coons is 5 months old while the other is 3 years old. They’re best buddies.

Is it just a pose or the face this cat does when it’s windy outside? We don’t know.

We’re really curious as to what got this cat that shocked!

This is Caligula, and he loves his new bed.

Is this a fluffy alligator we’re looking at here?

This cat seems to figure out how to use a refrigerator.

This Coonie named Andy loves his loft.

Maine Coons are great guardians for your cookies!

Meet Marilyn. She is 13 years old and she is the fluffiest cat we have ever seen!

Trying to look scary, failing miserably.


This cat is definitely well adjusted to the human world.

This Maine Coon named Blue loves fruits as much as his owner does!

Every place is suitable for a nap if you’re creative enough.

My boyfriend and my cat are sleeping peacefully

This Maine Coon just learned where the vet is going to put that thermometer

Sophie says ‘Hi’ to you!

This cat is doing everything to make his owner quit smoking. He even steals and hides his cigarettes!

‘We are going on a vacation, yay!’

That’s a very dangerous spot for a cat to rest.

‘What’s the matter?’

We are yet to figure out why cats love buckets or boxes this much.

This cat sure is a special one.

He just can’t get enough of Maine Coons!

You need to be careful with your technological devices when you have a cat around.

‘That’s an interesting gift to send someone’

Winston is having his stretching routine

This Maine Coon named Andy always chooses the most unusual places to have a nap.

This Maine Coon loves being out in the snow.

This cat is obviously in a playful mood.

“We bought this carrier bag for our other cat, but Floyd couldn’t help his curiosity and managed to get stuck in it.”

This cat is showing you that he has Viking blood!

We don’t know what this cat is trying to do, but regardless, this photo is just very beautiful to look at.

If you’re confused as to what you’re looking at here, this is a Maine Coon yawning.

‘Got you!’

Orange Maine Coon cat named Penny with her brother

The cats can also enjoy a hot cup of tea every now and then.

Well, most things regular cats can easily do can be a challenge for Maine Coons.

This Maine Coon is giving its owner emotional support.

‘Oh, hello there!

‘I thought I saw a bird!’