Cat Fashion

People Are Buying IKEA Doll Beds For Their Pets

If you want to spoil your cat or other small pet that you have, we have a brilliant idea to share with you all! Turns out that people are buying this simple IKEA doll bed and using it as a bed for their pets! This ‘Duktig doll bed’ is coming from a linen set too and it’s on sale for only $14.99. It’s the perfect size for your cat and also its design allows your cat to stick its tail out if it wants to relax. Apparently, some crafty cat lovers are even turning them into bunk beds!

These Cat Owners Reached New Heights When It Comes To Creativity During Quarantine

Quarantine is a boring time for most of us since we need to distract ourselves from all the things that are happening that we can’t really control. And of course, that requires a lot of creativity. Well, the cat owners in this list seem to have found the perfect solution for both themselves and their cats, though! They started to build forts for their cats using cardboard boxes, and the results are going to blow your mind! Just scroll down to see the rest of our gallery!

These Shelter Cats Will Have A Cozy Place To Sleep Thanks To IKEA

IKEA started to donate doll beds to a cat shelter in Canada, and the furballs look absolutely adorable sleeping in those tiny beds! IKEA’s beds weren’t originally meant for cats, obviously, and they actually have other products for pets, but as these doll beds are the perfect size for kittens, the adorable furballs at the Etobicoke Humane Society in Ontario, Canada won’t sleep on the floor during harsh winter nights anymore. “We have floors that are easy to clean, but they’re not really suitable for taking naps on,” the Etobicoke Humane Society stated on their Facebook page. IKEA not only gave them 10 doll beds which are enough to fill the kitten room but also donated $300. The Etobicoke Humane Society has been active for over 25 years. Their mission is to protect, care, and improve the welfare of the animals under their care and their shelter is a no-kill shelter that’s run by volunteers.

Meet Chachamaru, The Cat Who Loves Wearing Hats

Chachamaru here is an absolutely adorable furball. Seriously, he is so cute that it’s even hard to describe it with words. The cutest thing about him is though he loves it when his owner puts one of his hats on him. Then he becomes super mega cute and it’s really hard not to want to squeeze him! You should especially see him wearing his Pikachu hat.

If You're A Crafty Mom With A Newborn Baby We Have The Perfect Outfit Idea For Your Baby

Crochet baby cocoons for newborn babies are very trendy now! They are not just good for keeping your baby warm, but they're also good as cute costumes for your photo sessions. Since newborn babies usually fall asleep during photo sessions, we are sure your baby will look absolutely adorable while sleeping in one of these! We're going to present to you an idea to make your crocheted cocoon even cuter now, though. Instead of making a classic crocheted cocoon, why don't you make a crocheted cat cocoon for your baby? We guarantee you that a crocheted cat cocoon will make your baby two times more charming! These cat cocoons consist of two parts, a part to cover your baby's body and a lovely hat with adorable cat ears. You can also have detachable kitty feet to keep your baby's feet warm. If you don't have a baby yourself, but you know someone that has, then these cocoons are also the perfect gift for them too!

This Company Is Selling Indoor Pet Treehouses That Look Like Real Trees And Your Cat Definitely Needs One

A couple from Florida, Shelley and Joe DelRocco came up with an amazing idea back in 2008. The couple managed to build an awesome indoor treehouse for their cats! They definitely enjoyed the process and they were so satisfied with the result that they wanted to turn this into a business. Shortly after, the word got around about their incredible treehouses, and the couple's business began to grow. They are now selling treehouse designs to cat lovers all over the US and the rest of the world. Their treehouses imitate the real-life trees so well, and they owe a big part of their success to that since this is a brilliant way to bring the outdoors indoors. They are working hard to always improve their designs so that cats can have the best time of their lives! Scroll down to see some of their amazing designs for yourself!

This Guy Makes A Battle Armor For His Cat Using A 3D Printer And It's So Cool

Cats are fierce predators, we all need to accept that. They could eat us if they were bigger than us in size. So, in order to honor the warrior in his house cat, this guy decided to make a battle armor for his cat using a 3D printer. This user named Jwall from a 3D printing forum decided to use this impressive technology to actually build a warrior armor for his cat. Yeah, we know it sounds kind of bizarre. Apparently, the whole design can be built with completely 3D printable parts. If you also want your cat to have a battle armor but you're not really accustomed to the 3D printing technology, don't worry. Jwall also offers help for you on his webpage.

The Wall Mounted, Bubble Window Cat Bed

Everyone wants a comfortable house with large windows to see their surroundings, so does your cat. These cat beds offer a window that both of you can see each other even when your cat lies down. Along with its bubble window, the creative design mounted on the wall gives your room and your cat the luxury they deserve. 

Giant Shoe Beds For Dogs Who Love Slippers

Dogs love inanimate objects, especially if they are soft. Slippers are their favourites. If you don't want your dogs to steal your slippers, maybe you should buy him his own shoes. Buy them a big shoe so they can sleep in it.

Clay Earrings: Cutest Cat

These cat earrings are the perfect designs for catholics! Rita from Russia describes herself as a cat addict, and she decided to take advantage of that addiction. Therefore, Rita embarks on a business by sculpting and selling adorable cat earrings made of clay online. Keep scrolling to see more of these incredibly lovable cat earrings!

Cats with Interesting Hats

Cat owners very well know that their pets löse their hair so often. Therefore, they need to clean and collect their hair too often. A Japanese cat owner, who is a photographer, too, had a great idea to reuse this hair. He started to design cat hats made of their own hair. Scroll down to see more examples of this interesting idea.

Pets Wearing Crocs

It looks as if these adorable animals are wearing their crocs in the most appropriate way, may be better than anyone else. Looks so cute!