These Kittens Are So Cute That You May Find Yourself Hugging The Screen

Taking a break during the day to check out some cute photos of kittens is surely a brilliant idea! They help you relieve your stress and brighten your day. 

So, we gathered together more than 20 adorable photos of kittens just for you! Check them out to have a better day today.

Look at this tiny little furball!

Meet Gimo, He has the ability to hypnotize people with his big eyes


He really has a fabulous mustache

Those tiny paws, though!

This one looks like a mouse, isn’t it?

Cutest little demon we have ever seen

This is Lincoln the adorable black cat

Don’t you want to rub its belly too?

This poor kitty was found crying alone in the grass. He was two weeks old and very skinny since he wasn’t fed properly. His rescuers took this photo after they gave him a bath and got rid of all his fleas and ticks.

That’s an interesting sitting position, for sure.

‘Hey, what’s up?’

This cat seems weirdly comfortable in that tiny bowl

Those eyes are so cute!

This snowball is called Luna

Can you tell where the kitten in the photo is?

This is Elsa and she can stand on her two feet like a human!

This kitten seems so happy!

Tiny kitty with its favorite toy

Daisy watching the bubbles in awe

This cutie pie is named Ace

A goth cat

This one seems very shy, but still adorable

A tiny face with a unique marking. What more could you ask for?

We all love a good purrito

Looks so fluffy!

Bum looks a little bit nervous in this photo

Little Jaxson is just so adorable!

We’re wondering what’s bothering George this much.

‘Hi there human!’

This cat is so tiny that it’s insane!

This cat totally enjoy the road trip

Sadie, the cat with the most beautiful blue eyes

Double trouble

We want to hold those paws!

Look at that side glance!

That heart-shaped marking is just unbelievable!

Meet Mittens!

This cat has a very unique colored fur

This happy cat is named Greta and she is a tiny joy of life.

Toe beans for life!

She seems so cozy in that boot!

This cat has a very unique appearance

Cats look cutest when they’re sleeping. Change my mind.

Aren’t those eyes mesmerizing?

How can you say no to this face?

The background emphasizes the beauty of its eyes even more!

We can’t get enough of these pink ears!

This one seems to find a warm spot to take a nap

Wouldn’t you like them to line up on your staircase?

This one seems to be exhausted after a long day of mischief and fun

Cats are always in the most unexpected places!

‘I want belly rubs. NOW!’


Snow White would be a very suitable name for this one

‘Give me a high five!’

No worries, this is a part of her stretching routine

We would love to ‘boop’ that nose!

‘Good bye, for now!’