Funny Cats World Daily Pics ( 22 PICS ) 02.09.2023

Cats are such funny creatures. No wonder people look at funny cat photos when they’re having a bad day.  13 Funny Cat Photos To Make Your Day Better

Funny Cats World Daily Pics ( 13 PICS ) 28.08.2023

 Cats are such funny creatures. No wonder people look at funny cat photos when they’re having a bad day.  13 Funny Cat Photos To Make Your Day Better Gününüzü Daha İyi Hale Getirecek 13 Komik Kedi Fotoğrafı

Funny Cats World Daily Pics ( 13 PICS ) 27.08.2023

Cats are such funny creatures. No wonder people look at funny cat photos when they’re having a bad day.  13 Funny Cat Photos To Make Your Day Better

These Kittens Are So Cute That You May Find Yourself Hugging The Screen

Taking a break during the day to check out some cute photos of kittens is surely a brilliant idea! They help you relieve your stress and brighten your day. 

You Will Be Amazed By This Flawlessly Timed Cat Photos Taken At The Very Right Moment

Photographing cats is always a great idea since they are very elegant and majestic creatures and their photos usually turn out very beautiful. However, sometimes you get to take a truly unique photo with a little bit of luck.

If You Think Your Cat Is Funny, Wait Until You See These Goofy Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are truly magnificent creatures. They are gigantic for a domestic cat and they have Viking blood in their veins, so the fact that they’re so majestic is not really unexpected. However, despite their elegance and mystical aura, they are just cats just like any other cat breed.

This Giant Cat Still Loves To Climb Up Onto His Owner’s Lap

This is Tihon and he is a Maine Coon cat. Maine Coons are known for their massive sizes, and Tihon is no different. He loves cuddles and even though he grows bigger and bigger, he still wants to be held by his owner! His name is coming from the Russian word for ‘quiet’ as he is a very chill and quiet cat. He greets his owner every day when she comes home from work and jumps onto her lap for cuddles.

You Will Be Amazed By The Fur Patterns Of These Cats

Cats absolutely win the hearts of everyone on the internet. They are giving us joy, and they also make great friends. So, we would like to honor them here in this gallery, and also would like to show you some cats that have very unique markings. One thing is for sure, though, no matter what color they are or how their fur is all cats are absolutely adorable and we love them equally!

These Baby Maine Coon Kittens Are So Cute That You Won’t Believe They Turn Into Giants When They Grow Up

‘Maine Coon’ is a cat breed that is mostly known for its massive size. Maine Coon cats are very big compared to the other breeds of domestic cats. They’re actually a mixed breed of raccoons and cats and they are also one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Despite their massive size, Maine Coons are known to be quite social, so that’s why they are also called ‘gentle giants’. An adult Maine Coon cat can weigh up to 8.2 kilograms, and reach a body length of 120 cm which is roughly as big as a baby tiger! But of course, before becoming an adult, they go through an adorable toddler phase. Since we all adore cats, we thought it’s a good idea to share these cute photos of baby Maine Coon cats with you. We know you’ll love them!

Even Though He Looks Like He Is Always Judging You, You Will Love This Adorable Cat Named Marley

This is Marley. He is a 13-year-old tabby cat and because of his unique facial expression he always seems...less than impressed with your poor life choices, so to say. 

Photos Of Cats That Are Trying To Look Scary But Failing Miserably

We know that cats think of themselves as intimidating and charismatic. While they certainly have a unique charm, it is kind of hard to agree that they are actually somewhat scary or even close to being intimidating! Their pink toe beans and cute tiny tongues make it impossible to picture them as scary and dangerous creatures. In this gallery, we gathered together the photos of cats who desperately want to look cool but fail to achieve that. Even if their attempts aren’t a success, they are still so silly and fluffy and cute and we love them for that! Enjoy their photos below.

This Cat’s Eyes Have A Very Unique Appearance Due To A Condition Called Heterochromia

This is Pam Pam and we guarantee you that she has the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. She has those unique looking eyes due to a condition called heterochromia iridis. 

According To Research, Losing Your Cat Is Just As Depressing As Losing A Family Member

You've probably seen people mourning after their deceased pets as intensely as they do after the loss of a family member. It's becoming a more and more common thing, yet there still are people thinking these pet owners are kind of overreacting when it comes to dealing with the loss of their pets. But according to this research, the loss of a cat is just as depressing and devastating as the loss of a family member, and if you are one of those people that judge others based on how they mourn after their cats, you should consider your behavior again. When this UK writer named Lee Kynaston compared his feelings after the loss of his dad to the loss of his cat, he felt very guilty at first since he realized he suffered just as much when he lost his cat, Dave. He thought people would call him 'heartless' or a 'loony' because of his feelings. Research indicates that the death of a beloved family pet is an equally devasting experience as the loss of a human loved one. Yet still, the idea of having a funeral for a cat is ridiculous to most of us, and we're expected to return to work right after we lose our pets. Our furry friends spend their entire time with us when we are experiencing hard times in our lives, or having joyful moments. Of course, at times we may find them annoying but we love them very much regardless of those, and we always value their companionship. So, you shouldn't feel bad at all when you find yourself devastated and heartbroken over the death of your feline friend.

This Husky Was Raised By Cats And Now She Thinks She Is A Cat

Reddit user named Dong_of_Justice has gained a lot of popularity after he shared some very funny pics of his husky dog named Tally on the website. What makes Tally unique is that since she was raised by cats, she thinks of herself as a cat too! Tally is not a purebred husky. Her owner stated that she is husky/malamute/and a little bit of something else. She looks and behaves like a malamute rather than a husky, and you can say malamutes are also a bit cat-like in terms of behavior. Sadly, her owner doesn’t have proof to show that she was actually raised amongst cats since she was in a different household back then. But we still think you are going to enjoy Tallie’s photos!

Snow Leopards Are Just Carelessly Munching On Their Fluffy Cat Tails

A timless fact is that a cat is a cat is a cat. A snow leopard is no exception to this cat "rule." There are two interesting facts about snow leopards. The first one is that they cannot roar like other big cats. The second is that they have amazing fluffy tails, in contrast to other big cats. Snow leopards’ tails can reach a length of 41 inches (105 cm), and that is almost as long as their entire body. Of course, nature does not create anything without reason, so the tails have a significant role in helping these cats keep their balance. They are not there just to be pretty even if us cat fanatics are obsessed with them.