According To Research, Losing Your Cat Is Just As Depressing As Losing A Family Member

You've probably seen people mourning after their deceased pets as intensely as they do after the loss of a family member. It's becoming a more and more common thing, yet there still are people thinking these pet owners are kind of overreacting when it comes to dealing with the loss of their pets. But according to this research, the loss of a cat is just as depressing and devastating as the loss of a family member, and if you are one of those people that judge others based on how they mourn after their cats, you should consider your behavior again. When this UK writer named Lee Kynaston compared his feelings after the loss of his dad to the loss of his cat, he felt very guilty at first since he realized he suffered just as much when he lost his cat, Dave. He thought people would call him 'heartless' or a 'loony' because of his feelings. Research indicates that the death of a beloved family pet is an equally devasting experience as the loss of a human loved one. Yet still, the idea of having a funeral for a cat is ridiculous to most of us, and we're expected to return to work right after we lose our pets. Our furry friends spend their entire time with us when we are experiencing hard times in our lives, or having joyful moments. Of course, at times we may find them annoying but we love them very much regardless of those, and we always value their companionship. So, you shouldn't feel bad at all when you find yourself devastated and heartbroken over the death of your feline friend.

1-How can you not feel sad when you lose the precious companionship your cat shares with you?

2-This is Dave, UK writer Lee Kynaston's late kitty.

3-Never feel ashamed about mourning after your cat

4-There's nothing weird about keeping an object that reminds you of them, either

5-Cats are just amazing, and we should appreciate them as they totally deserve it

6-Some people may label you as 'weird' or 'crazy' when you decide to hold a funeral for your cat

7-But remember, cats are always with you and they are there for you when you need emotional support

8-So you shouldn't pay mind to what other people are saying about you, they are the weird ones, not you!