This Cat Visits The University Every Day Just To Give The Students Cuddles

This cat is very popular at the campus of the University of Augsburg in Bavaria, southern Germany. Ever since she realized how much students love cats, she has been coming every day to give them cuddles.

 The cat is given the name of ‘Campus Cat’ and she knows every single student at the university. Some of the students claim that she helps them relax during their tough exam periods.

When Campus Cat came to the campus for the first time, she was nearly one year old. It’s been several years since that first visit, but she still keeps on coming to the campus every day. Students love her and they get so happy when she jumps onto their lap for some snuggles. She helps them feel less stressed and listens to them when they need someone to talk to.

You can find Campus Cat sunbathing and minding her own business around the campus. Her favorite place to visit is the library. Most students come to see her when they need a break or when they need emotional support.

She actually has an owner who is living close to the university. She just really loves students and spending time with them.

Students don’t know her real name, but some call her ‘Sammy’.

Here is a picture of Sammy helping a student with her homework.

Students also take adorable selfies with her.

Campus Cat provides the students with emotional support during the hard periods in their lives.

Seems like she has found herself a cozy place!

The cat became the mascot of the university.

Students feel grateful for her as she pays them visits every day and makes them happy.