This Cat Named Panda Has Vitiligo Markings And His Unique Look Will Surprise You

This is Panda the Cat! He’s given this name since his vitiligo markings make him look like an inverted panda. He is very social and he loves giving people special greetings.

Panda lives on a veterinary farm located in Romford East London, UK. Since vitiligo in animals causes them to lose the color of their fur, his black fur has started to turn into white in some parts of his body. Luckily, though, there aren’t any negative effects of this condition, and it is actually quite rare.

Panda is a very friendly cat and he loves walking up to people’s cars to greet them!

Vitiligo in cats has a couple of types. While some types create a lacing pattern in their fur, the other types cause their fur to turn white in some spots. These white spots get bigger when the cat gets older. However, it’s not a painful thing for the cat. Here you see Panda inspecting a car!

As Panda grows older, his paws, ears, tail, and nose keep losing their pigment and turning white.

He gets tired after a day of exploring, so he rests.