If You're A Crafty Mom With A Newborn Baby We Have The Perfect Outfit Idea For Your Baby

Crochet baby cocoons for newborn babies are very trendy now! They are not just good for keeping your baby warm, but they're also good as cute costumes for your photo sessions. Since newborn babies usually fall asleep during photo sessions, we are sure your baby will look absolutely adorable while sleeping in one of these! We're going to present to you an idea to make your crocheted cocoon even cuter now, though. Instead of making a classic crocheted cocoon, why don't you make a crocheted cat cocoon for your baby? We guarantee you that a crocheted cat cocoon will make your baby two times more charming! These cat cocoons consist of two parts, a part to cover your baby's body and a lovely hat with adorable cat ears. You can also have detachable kitty feet to keep your baby's feet warm. If you don't have a baby yourself, but you know someone that has, then these cocoons are also the perfect gift for them too!

1-Don't you think crocheted cat cocoons look adorable too? Be honest!

2-You can get them in various colors, and they usually consist of two parts as you can see

3-Look at those adorable kitty feet, though!

4-You definitely need one in your life!