This Dragon And Cat’s Unusual Friendship Will Get You Shocked

This is Charles the female bearded dragon and Baby the cat. Despite being very different species, they have a very strong and unusual bond. Normally, you would expect Baby to harm Charles, but instead, he gives her cuddles! Charles is also showing support to Baby when he’s scared of thunder. They cuddle together to relax. When they’re not snuggling up, you can see them play together or staring out the window. Even though Charles stole Baby’s bed once, they manage to get along just fine and they’re the absolute best friends!

Their owner was afraid of Baby attacking Charles when they first met

But they decided to snuggle up!

They’re watching the outside world together

Charles helping Baby to relax when he’s scared of thunder

She’s hugging him to calm him down

Even though the cat is physically capable of hurting Charles…

They are even eating their meals together!

This duo restores our faith in friendships