This Artist Replaces Other Animals’ Faces With Cats and The Results Are Hilarious

Galina Bugaevskaya is an artist from Moscow that has a huge love for cats. She loves them so much that she opened a webpage named ‘Koty Vezde’ (Cats Everywhere) where she photoshops cat faces instead of the faces of other animals such as bees, pandas, snails, and zebras.

She even adds cat faces to inanimate objects! Cats Everywhere became quickly popular on the internet. If you haven’t already visited it yet, you can see some of Galina’s works in the gallery below to decide if they deserve the popularity they have gained or not.

Seems like this is the fluffiest animal combo ever!

A catterfly? Yes, please

We are happy this cat-faced wolf isn’t a real animal

This cat is definitely suitable for the name ‘Chonky’

Isn’t it absolutely adorable, though?

Although tigers and cats are related, this one seems a bit goofy

Who would’ve thought a bee and a cat combination could be this scary?

That can definitely doesn’t like its new neck

I think we can say pandas are just chubby cats.

This one sure looks otherworldly

This cat needs a long way before it gets used to its new spikes

This cat had no idea its life would end up here

Llamas and cats definitely belong together

This photo right here is a goth person’s dream

It’s cute, but koalas have a special place in our heart

Look at that chubby little face!