Lucky Girl Came Across Her Long-Lost Childhood Cat While Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

This is the story of Hannah Rountree. Hannah was 12 years old when her cat named Spunky got lost. When Hannah went on vacation with her family, their beloved black and white cat found a way to run away from the house. They searched for him everywhere and tried anything to find him, but the cat didn’t come back. As you would expect, Hannah was very sad about the whole thing, but Spunky inspired her love for animals. When she became a teenager, she decided to volunteer at her local animal shelter. When now 15-year-old Hannah arrived for her second shift at Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, there was no way for her to know what was going to happen! Hannah saw a black and white cat at the center and felt an immediate connection with the animal. The cat had been recently brought to the center and was being kept in the shelter’s catio. There were many other similar looking cats, but Hannah felt like this one was special.

“I thought it looked exactly like my childhood cat, Spunky,” said Hannah. The shelter staff investigated the background of the cat a little bit and they managed to confirm it was indeed Hannah’s childhood cat. Hannah was more than happy to reunite with her best feline friend after 3 years, and couldn’t believe how lucky she actually was. Since people were thinking Spunky was just another stray cat when they first brought him to the shelter, they renamed him Bear. Turned out, he had been adopted by another family but they couldn’t somehow get on well, and he ended up in the shelter again, and that was basically how Hannah managed to find him!

Wendy Kang, the shelter director, said, “I’m so happy that Hannah managed to find her pet all the while she was helping us.”

Hannah and her family were thrilled to get Spunky back. “He is happy to be with us...I knew he would remember and start to play with us again in no time,” Hannah added. “I feel like fate has brought us back together.”