If You Don’t Believe That Cats Can Sleep Anywhere, This List Will Prove You

Cats are very unique creatures. And to be honest, at times they are just straight up weird! You can see them taking a nap in very awkward positions that look uncomfortable as hell, but if you get close to them you see how peaceful they actually are! 

That’s why most people think they are lazy since they don’t do much but take relaxing naps all day every day. Check out our list below to see some examples of cats having the best sleep of their lives in the most unusual places.

We love cats love their boxes, but a tissue box? That’s new, even for a cat!

How did this cat even manage to fall asleep like this?!

This poor kitty couldn’t even make it to the box!

Well, this actually seems nice, we’re not going to lie

Falling asleep while playing hide-and-seek

A very inconvenient place to take a nap

Friends that sleep together, stick together

Pocket size cuteness

This cat seems very peaceful there!

Where even is its face?!

‘I’ll have a full glass of cat, please’

Seems like a cozy and warm place, we can’t blame the cat for that

If it fits, it sleeps

This cat is an absolute bookworm!

Can’t decide between just sitting and sleeping? Well, why not both?

Sleeping during a yoga exercise

We don’t even have words for this

‘Oh, finally a warm place! Zzzz…’

Cats are the true gymnasts of our planet

Any warm spot can be magnetic for a cat

Those pink toe beans are just making us happier!

Climbing must be exhausting for this kitty

They just have a thing for electronic devices, don’t they?

Tiny little furball!

Best cuddle buddies

It’s hard not to give this cat a chin rub when it is sleeping so adorable like that!

Happy sleeping kitten

Just look how cute they are!

We heart these cats!

They are doing it wrong

‘I’m sorry, what did you just say?’

It seems like they’ve spent so much time together that they start to slowly turn into each other!

There is enough room for both of them!

‘The sun just hits so nice and warm’

Her owner tried to stop Luna from sleeping in the plant pot by replacing it with a smaller one but seems like they failed to succeed.

This cat finds the absolute best spot to sleep

A mother always protects her children, even when sleeping

‘I want all the beds for myself!’

We just hope it doesn’t end up falling

How can this be a nice sleeping position?!

Believe it or not, that’s his favorite sleeping position

‘Do not disturb me, I am sleeping’

They look so adorable!

An entire cat family sleeping together

Reading must have tired this cat out

Always check the pot before watering your plants

Yes, cat is also our favorite snack.

This shoe makes a good bed for this cutie pie