These Adoption Stories Where The Cat Gets To Choose Its Owner Will Melt Your Heart

We all have different personalities and different lives, but one thing we have in common is our love for cats. It's no secret that we really, and we mean, REALLY do love cats here, and you're here because you know where to find your quality cat content! That's why we decided to share some of the most beautiful and heartwarming adoption stories where cats get to choose their families. It's truly a unique feeling to adopt a cat, and when a cat just walks up to you and decides to stay with you, you end up feeling even more blessed. So, we are sure you're going to love our list and find these stories very inspiring. Just scroll down and enjoy!

These Cats And Their Heroic Stories Will Prove You That Cats Are Actually Man's Best Friend

Even though most people adore cats, they have a bad reputation for being mostly distant and cold towards us humans. Most people think they are arrogant and selfish animals, but we are determined to break these stereotypes. We are going to give you twenty-four stories just to prove to you we are right, indeed! These stories aren't about goofy cats doing cat things (although those are adorable too), these are the stories of feline heroes that totally deserve some credit. These cats will change your mind entirely if you think cats actually don't care about humans and show you that they are much more than just fluffballs. Read on to learn more about them!

This Kitten Who Was Found Crying Outside Became Friends With A Tabby Cat Immediately And The Story Of Them Will Make You Cry

A tiny kitty who was found crying alone outside a building made friends with another rescue kitten and they are just melting our hearts.

The Bravest Mother

The scenery a driver encountered on the Canadian road fascinated those who saw. A stray dog was trying to warm five kittens on a cold winter's day. 

Photos of the Leopard and Panther Couple Are Worth Seeing

Wildlife photographer Mithun H has a special interest in big cats. He spends a lot of time and takes photos at the Kabini Forest Reserve in Karnataka, India. 

Hero Dog Rescues Puppy from Fire

These kinds of news raise our hope for life. After a violent explosion in Ukraine on 20 October 2014, a huge fire started in a building. The severity of the explosion was felt even a few kilometers far. The fumes were spreading to the northeast of Donetsk city.

Rubble, the world's oldest living cat, turns 32

Our cats may be the most emotional, moody, frankly pointless creatures in our lives, but to say the truth, we love them more than life's own. If it weren’t for an unforeseen calamity like death, they would certainly be our life partner. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of pets is comparatively short compared to humans, and separation from their companion will often cause an intense pain.

Rescued Puma living As A Pet

A couple rescues and adopts a puma from a zoo. Sergey and Marina who are both 32 like living with the puma in Moscow. They decided to adopt the puma when they learnt that the puma would be put down due to economic reasons. At first, the puma could not adapt to the home environment and didn’t let the couple to touch it. However, a mutual trust developed between them and not they get along quite well. They even cuddle while sleeping. Here are the cute photos of this interesting pet.