You Should Definitely Let Your Cat Sleep In The Same Bed With You And Here Is Why

Consider yourself lucky if you wake up and find your cat all curled up next to you because cats are very picky when it comes to the place they are sleeping, and if they decide to sleep next to you, they probably have a very good reason to do so. They may not go to bed with you but you still find them right next to you when you wake up, and they are totally unbothered when you have a partner too!

Turns out that you should actually let your cat sleep next to you since it can be beneficial for both of you. If you are curious about what we actually mean, keep on reading since you’ll see your cat always has your best interests in mind and it doesn’t just want a soft and warm place to sleep!

Even though they are only cute little pets to you, cats are actually predators at heart, which makes them hunters and survivors. So, they actually have a fear of showing their vulnerabilities. And as you may guess, they are the most vulnerable when they are sleeping. They also hate being on their backs since it’s also a vulnerable position. So, if your cat decides to sleep next to you, it only tries to tell you that it trusts you 100%.

In addition to that, cats are also territorial creatures just like many other predatory animals. By sleeping in your bed, they are claiming you as theirs! And as you may have guessed, they are claiming your soft and warm bed as theirs too!

If you are wondering why your cat always sleeps on your head and neck, it’s because your arms and legs constantly move while you are sleeping and your cat doesn’t want to be disturbed by your movements since it can wake up very easily. Another reason is that these parts of your body are the warmest and as you probably know, cats really like warm places.

Cats are usually seen as distant and aloof creatures, so some people may think they don’t like humans, but that’s not true at all. They actually want the companionship of the people they trust. So sleeping next to you is a way for them to show you that they enjoy your company and they also want to offer you theirs. You usually hear them purr while they are next to you and those sweet purrs are actually beneficial for your health. Turns out, allowing your cat to sleep next to you has some health benefits. Bill Fish, a co-founder of says: “Having a companion in bed with you reduces your stress levels and provides warmth and comfort. Hearing your cat’s rhythmic breathing gets you calm and helps you fall asleep quickly.”